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Top 25 applications for learning English!

Top 25 applications for learning English!

Hello there! Keen on English but you just don’t have enough time for regular classes?

We have a solution for you - mobile apps!

There are different kinds of apps for learning English. Some of them are designed to practice all aspects of the language, and there are some designed to help build your vocabulary and remember new words.

Here we will give a short description for each app. And it's up to you which one to choose. There is one thing we can guarantee - learning English with mobile apps is going to be more like playing an interesting game rather than doing tedious exercises.

Here is a list of the best apps for English learners for Android!

Entertaining game-like apps:

1. LinguaLeo
You get a little pet lion who loves meatballs which you earn by passing levels. A really big advantage of this app is a huge amount of media materials.

2. Duolingo
You learn English like you play a game: you feed your pet - an owl - and this way you pass level by level. It is good both for children and adults.

3. Emister
One of the features of this app is competing with other users. A player giving the fastest and the most correct answers moves up in the standings.

Vocabulary building apps:

4. Easy ten
It offers you to learn 10 new words each day in just about 15 minutes. You can compete with other users and follow your progress.

5. Drops
It gives you a 5-minute access every day to mini games helping you learn new words. And there are about 28 languages available in the app!

6. Words
A distinctive feature of this app is offline access, and you get the first few lessons for free.

7. Aword
Words are divided into lists on different topics for more effective learning. And specially for little ones there is a section with wordlists about animals, numbers, family and so on. Offline access.

8. Lexicon By Like Thought
It helps you to learn new words and broadens your vocabulary. To start, you have to enter the words you are learning into a special window. 

9. Visual Vocabulary
In this app each word is accompanied with a picture which therefore activates visual memory. You can use this app only online.

10. Memrise
Multi language app targeted at training visual memory, repetition and memorization in a playful, game-like way.  You can share your progress with other users.

11. Rosetta Stone
Complex approach, learning new words using associations, pronunciation and spelling  practice , repetition tasks. A big number of languages.

Reading, speaking and writing.

12. Voxy
The app focuses on working on pronunciation. Here you will find interesting karaoke-lessons and get feedback from native speakers. The app adapts to your interests and goals.

13. English Idioms
This app will help to learn English idioms and slang. All the phrases go with examples. There is also an inbuilt quiz to enhance the results.

14. Urban Dictionary
This app is completely in English. It's a dictionary of slang with a lot of examples , and it also gives you random phrases to learn.

15. Enguru
The main focus is on spoken English. The app offers a variety of tasks selected to match your needs and level of English.


16. Ewa
Learning English while watching your favourite films and TV series. The app also offers you a variety of books in the original.

17. Busuu
It is the largest international language community. The tasks you complete will be checked by English speaking users and native speakers. There are 12 languages available for learning.


18. Lingvist
This app offers a variety of tasks, such as listening with exercises which follow, or dialogues where users say phrases popping up on the screen.

19. Semper
In this app users create lessons. The app has an interesting feature: a learner completes a task before hanging out in a social network or messenger (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.)

20. Phrasalstein
It's good for memorising phrasal verbs and their use. The app uses short animations with monsters from horror film, but don’t worry, the videos aren’t scary at all.

21. English Grammar Test
The app offers more that 60 tests covering almost the entire English grammar. The tests suit intermediate and upper intermediate level students perfectly.

Listening and communication with native speakers.

22. Puzzle English
A great advantage of this app is video and listening exercises. New words are automatically added into a user’s individual dictionary. 

23. Learn English Podcasts
This app consists of a series of podcasts from native speakers with a received pronunciation, subtitles are also available. This app gives you an opportunity to earn more  about the country and life in Great Britain.

24. HelloTalk
It’s a platform where you can study English with native speakers all over the world and teach them your native language at the same time. You communicate via texts and voice messages. You can listen and save the phrases you need.

25. Ted talks
This app has an archive of lectures from different speakers in English on different topics. Subtitles are available in English and Russian.

«Hint»: how to organise everything to make lessons productive.

1. Set reminders on particular days and times so you won’t miss your class.

2. Don't look for excuses to skip a class, try to find at least a little time every day.

3. Treat yourself for regular classes and share your success with others.

4. Follow the order of tasks and levels, don’t just jump between exercises, topics and applications.

5. If the app you have chosen is designed only for vocabulary building, it will be a good idea to add another one- more universal - to practise all aspects of the language, like grammar, listening and speaking.

So if you have at least 10 free minutes a day, download one or more apps from the list, and start studying English any time, any place!

Maybe there is an app which has been especially useful for you?
If we didn't include your favourite app into our list, leave a comment and tell us about it!

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