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Do you enjoy watching series? What about Youtube? Have you ever tried to understand Offset or Cardi B’s rap, or maybe you want to know what Taylor Swift is singing about? If you answered ‘yes’, you have probably already realised that an average dictionary isn't a great help. We regularly come across a lot of words which are new or have just entered the language. These words are called “slang” and sometimes it’s difficult to catch their meanings.

But is it a problem? No! Here we have gathered all the trendiest slang words and expressions for you! So, you can decide what’s on fleek and what’s no.

On fleek

On point, very good, perfection.

Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek.


The word that has taken the place of ‘on fleek’ recently.

Girl, you look snatched.


Basic is definitely not snatched. A person who is interesting only in mainstream, popular and trending things, without and interesting traits. There are so many basic people.


Very emotional, dramatic behaviour.

Don't be so extra, nothing happened 


Before Anyone Else. The word used to refer to your crush, partner, baby, sweetie. Widely used by teens.

Bae, where are you?


Shocked, surprised, scared.

Can’t believe he did it, I'm shook 


Suspicious, sneaky, illegitimate, corrupt, someone/something to be careful with.

It's a shady deal, I don't want to be a part of it 

Low key

Quietly, secretly, discreetly

He low key hates his job 


Amazing, fun, pumped up

This party is lit! 

Binge watch

We all have done it at least once - consumed the whole TV series in one go. It is called binge-watching.

Can’t wait for the weekend to binge watch Hanna.

Throw shade

To say a rude comment towards another person. The shade might be non-verbal (just a look!).

What's that supposed to mean? Did you just throw shade at me?



Something that is relatable.

A: He dumped me B: Mood.



Someone who doesn't care about the consequences of their action, cool, badass, ruthless.

This girl is a savage!



Be conscious and aware of various social problems, injustice, inequality.

It's time to be woke.



Poor quality, shabby, filthy.

This house looks ratched.



Really good, cool, awesome

This t-shirt is dope


Gucci isn’t just a brand name anymore, now this word means okay, good, nice, great, chill.

It’s all gucci.



A really good song.

The song is dope, real bop.




Come to my place, I have some tea.


Succeed in something amazing, be on point.

Look at her, she slays


Proof or evidence, often in the form of messages, DMs, tweets,  screenshots or videos.  If you say I did it, show me the receipts! 


Upset, angry, bitter, annoyed.

He was salty because he lost the match.


Crazy, awesome, unbelievable, or an adverb ‘very’.

It’s wild cold.


Adjective: cool, awesome, good. Verb: hang out, chill. About a person: easy-going.

Check out my new ride. -    Yeah, it’s chill                                 


Major key

Really important, vital, essential.

Hard work is a major key to success.


Vibe/ VIbes

Emotional atmosphere, feelings towards a person, thing or place.

I’m getting bad vibes from him .




AMA: Ask me anything. This abbreviation is widely used on Reddit and Twitter.

Hi, I’m an English teacher, AMA.



Does anyone else. This abbreviation coms from Reddit. You use it to ask some routine things to compare with the way you do them.

DAE like eating fries with ice-cream?



Direct message. Normally means message on Twitter and Instagram. It’s also a verb. And there is a phrase ‘slide in the DM’, too.

DM me if you want to meet.



Explain like I'm 5. Someone wants to get a very simple explanation.

I don’t get it, ELI5,



In Real Life. Something that happens in real life, not on the internet.

We have never met IRL.


I am baby 

It literally means what it says: I am baby, i am sleepy, I am hungry, I want to be held, be kind to me. I am baby avoids confrontation at all costs.

- Why did you get drunk and kissed my girlfriend? - I am baby. 



A man of a certain age, rather sexy and attractive, might have silver or grey hair and is on the peak in his career.

My dad’s friend is a real zaddy.




Her outfit was just cray.



Use this phrase to caption your Instagram photos, for example, to brag about your squad and subtly diss people who aren’t part of it.



And it’s not a book here. Used when you are about to say the whole truth and nothing but the truth; or when you want to make someone to say the truth.

Do you like him or not? Say Bible. 



The verb invented by Millenials to describe struggles of adult life including cooking your own food, paying taxes, going to work, buying expensive things for your home: all the package of adult life. 

Adulting is hard.



To perfect something visually and emotionally. Act with extreme elegance and style.

I am going to finesse my closet tonight.



Be very excited before some event; have a lot of fun because you are drunk.

The party is great, I’m so turnt.



Act in a way that's completely true to yourself, and with respect to others.

He is a great reporter, he always keeps it 100.



Be 100 percent positive about something; fully agree.  One hundred percent - Hundo P.

Are you going to the party? - Hundo P.



True+real = trill.

My boyfriend is trill.



That feel when: emotional condition at some point in time.

TWF you spill red wine on your new white dress.



P = pretty (easy,right?)

This book is p interesting.



Greatest of All Times. Tbh, the word has been used durion sports broadcasting to describe athletes since the 90s. 

I am the goat.



When you are over something; can’t stand doing it anymore.

I am done fo today.



Of course, it’s a person who is no longer alive, but you can be dead when you completely stunned (usually by a celebrity who slays or just kills it).

Did you see her hairstyle? I’m dead. - Видел ее прическу? Она меня убила.



 Approve of someone’s relationship or just want someone to be together,

 I ship them.



You already know dead, so it’s time to die (td). Use it to describe something that great so it just kills you.

This dress is td.



Abbreviation for suspect and suspicious. Something like shady. 

He is just sus.


English language is alive. It grows, changes, some old things leave it and new ones come. It is always evolving. The world is changing, and new reality comes with new objects and facts which need words to describe them. We are changing.  Every generation develops its own slang. Learning a language is a never-ending but really interesting process. Skype Language and our professional English tutors, including the author of the article Christina are here to help you with any problems and teach you modern English so you can feel confident in any situation.


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