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Dear language lovers, school wishes you happy spring holidays!


And we have a special offer for those who are ready to improve themselves and are eager to gain some new knowledge - we are decreasing our prices when you start learning!


Only in May, the discount within the “Quick start” offer is almost doubled!


Do not hesitate to sign up for your first free trial lesson and get a one-off 25% discount for your lessons!*


More details on the offer and nethods of payment withing the offer you can find here

Order a lesson.


Here is an example of calculation for a minimum package of 10 lessons when you pay using the “Quick start” offer from May 1 to May 31, 2019.

Regular price for 10 lessons = 7200 rub (one lesson is 720 rub)

Price for 10 lessons within the offer with a 25% discount = 540 rub

Price per lesson is just 540 rub!

Your savings start from 1800 rub!

Our current prices can be found here


Spend your holidays wisely and sign up fo your free trial lesson now!


*The offer is valid for payments of minimum 10 lessons made during 24 hours after a trial lesson.

Order a trial lesson