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Quick start to your new academic year!

Quick start to your new academic year!

Summer holidays have come to an end , just like your family budget. And a foreign language has got all dusty somewhere in the back of your mind, but before long you have to be back on track and fully prepared to read texts in the original, answer in front of the blackboard, take tests, draft documents, negotiate and conduct business correspondence in a foreign language. 

How to get yourself together and be more organised after relaxing holidays? 

Of course, you can refuse from professional help and start wallowing trying to dig out and  glue together in your memory some pieces of knowledge which will only lead to you wasting your resources and time. But don't you think it might be better to get help from a professional teacher straightaway?

So you need someone who:

- will create a personalised language learning programme tailored to your needs , whether it’s going to be a revision or studying new things. 

- will have online classes with you in a comfortable environment and with a convenient schedule. Someone who  offer an intensive course or maybe something more steady,  and you will be able to reschedule or cancel your classes.

- oh, also with reasonable prices just like in  the summer sale,

- someone who won’t cheat or disappear after getting the money…

But where can you find such a person?! Well, its not an easy task… which we happen to have a solution for! Our school offers courses targeted at learners' goals and needs.

You can rely on us! And extra bonus - in September you can use our special offer
Quick start to pay for individual classes with a 20% discount.

So do you:

- Want quickly  to get back on track after holidays? 

- Improve your foreign language  skills? 

- Have a flexible schedule and a personalised course prepared by a qualified teacher? 

Then this offer is for you!

Have a look at how much you can save by paying for a package of 10 classes using this offer now: 

Regular minimum price for 10 lessons = 9000 Rub*

Price for 10 lessons with a 20% discount with our special offer = 7200 Rub*

You can SAVE from 1800 Rubles!

And you get free speaking club classes with a native speaker as a bonus!

*Our current lesson prices for different languages you can check



Payment option within the offer:

- Sberbank. card to card transfer 

- E-wallet payment: Yandex.Money

- Wired transfer VTB (Rubles only)

- PayPal (direct transfer in rubles, dollars or euros) 

*20% discount is a one time offer valid when the payment is done within 24 hours after a trial lesson and can be used when you pay for  a package of 10 and more lessons.

The offer takes place from September 1st to 30th (2021).

Sign up for your free trial lesson now!! Don’t waste time and get to learning new languages now!

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