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Dear clients of our online school

Do you want to:

- pay for your classes with a discount?

- get cashback with every payment you make?

- get bonuses for recommending us to your friends?

-  be the first to know about our special offers and discounts? keeps up with the times and is happy to offer you all these great opportunities!

How do you start?


1. Download UDS app on your mobile device*


Official website of UDS APP

Download for iOS

Download for Android


2. Register using your email or Facebook account, add your mobile number (with your number it’s easier to get cashback in the app)

3. Enter the QR-code which is attached to this news or the one a school manager has given you.


You will immediately get a welcome bonus (300 points = 300 roubles) which you will be able to use when paying for your first set of lessons. **


4. Use your welcome bonus  (i.e. 300 rouble discount) to pay for your classes with any convenient payment method, and you will also get  a 3% *** cashback which will be saved in the app as bonus points.


5. Recommend Skype-Language to your friends to get extra bonus points (300 points per recommendation and extra cashback - 1% with your friend’s every payment****)


*UDS app is a free app to collect bonuses and discounts!  


** 1 point = 1 rouble. Points do not stack with other offers and discounts on the website.  Saved bonuses can be spent on sets of lessons without a discount (except for a welcome bonus).


*** Cashback for our loyal VIP clients is 5% (you get a VIP status after you have had 100 lessons). You can get cashback paying for any set of lessons with included discounts.


**** UDS game application has an advantages option for you which is recommend the school to your friends , and it allows you to get extra bonus points (300 points for every successful recommendation) + 1% cashback from your friends’ payments.


How do you do it?

- Click the name Skype-Language

- Click "recommend" right under the picture

- Share the promocode with your friends

A recommendation is considered successful when there has been a payment from a client who got the recommendation (i.e. they used the promocode)


Attention! Collaboration with UDS app is in a test mode at the moment; changes to the conditions are possible if Administration finds it necessary.


We will be happy to answer your questions!

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