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Methods - how does it work by Skype

What is learning English online? How can we study German, French and other foreign languages online? In this section we will try to answer these questions and describe what is learning foreign languages on Skype.

Let us take learning English online at that includes the Conversational English, English by Phone, General and Business English programmes. Now we focus on the lesson structure.


What is the approach to the lessons?


  1. Learning materials: before the lesson the teacher sends you necessary files which are going to be used in class.
  2. The learning process: in class you work with these materials. Depending on your goal and level, you may use British course books, worksheets, games, dialogues, graded readers and so on.   

At the beginning of the lesson the teacher Skype you. Remember that if both of you use a headset, the connection is considerably better.


At the English Skype lesson we help to develop all the language skills:


  • Reading. You read fiction books written by contemporary British and American authors discuss them, do tasks for understanding the gist and details and practise new vocabulary and structures. This aspect can also include reading current online sources and news in the original.
  • Listening implies developing your listening comprehension skills in English. At each lesson you listen to short dialogues or enjoy music while completing the gaps in the lyrics. Besides, you can watch bits of films and short video clips and then practise what you have watched. It is worth mentioning that English on Skype is one of listening types.


  • Writing. When you learn English online it is important to improve writing skills. This aspect is dealt with differently depending on a student’s needs. In General English it is practised in compositions, essays, everyday letters and messages. In Business English the emphasis is placed on different types of business correspondence – from an email to a business partner to a report on the sales development in your company.   
  • Speaking.  In order to break the language barrier and master English, Chinese or German partially or fully, it is vital to keep and keep speaking!  The main objective of English on Skype (we have taken it as an example) is to help you fluently communicate in English! At each lesson we are going to do different speaking activities which will encourage you to communicate and facilitate the development of speaking skills. The activities can be as follows – debates, filmdiscussions, expressing opinions on sayings and quotations of famous people and many others.


3. Homework: after a Skype lesson the teacher sends homework to the student via email or Skype. 


4. Doing and correcting homework: one day before the Skype lesson the student emails his or her homework to the teacher.

The teacher corrects or underlines the mistakes to talk them through and then correct at the beginning of the lesson.


To get a better understanding of learning language on Skype, you can do a placement test and sign up for a free trial lesson at


In conclusion, we should say that English on Skype as long as the other language on Skype from is listening practice, a way to avoid spending money on books, good value for money and a perfect opportunity for those who keep up with the times and plan their schedule meticulously.

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The Skype-Language teachers are always ready to help you to become proficient in any foreign language!

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