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Teacher: Yulia M
Language: Russian, German
Я преподаватель английского, немецкий изучала 13 лет назад в университете. Выбирала преподавателя для подготовки к экзамену в Гёте-институте для подачи результатов на национальную визу. Выбрала Юлию «на слух» по аудио на сайте - очень понравилось произношение и, конечно, грамотность речи. Заниматься с Юлей мне понравилось с первого занятия, а дальше было еще лучше. Юлия профессиональный и опытный преподаватель, терпеливый и всегда пунктуальный. Юля прекрасно объясняет материал и искренне «болеет» за учеников. За 1,5 месяца моей подготовки Юля ни разу не отменяла занятия, прорабатывала со мной все пункты теста «от и до». За это время ежедневной подготовки мы подружились, что в случае с Юлей невозможно было не сделать: она очень открытый, искренний, интересный и доброжелательный человек! В итоге, процесс был не исключительно учебным, а приятным общением с пользой. Тест сдала на 96 баллов из 100, а также сумела написать письмо на немецком в посольстве. Желаю Юле успехов и хороших учеников!
Sherif (Utrecht) Sales manager
Teacher: Ekaterina K
Language: Russian
I found the course to be very useful. Ekaterina is very structured and understood the exact purpose on why I am learning Russian so she had prepared the applicable course with concentration on certain vocabulary. My Russian clients are often impressed when I speak Russian to them which is thanks to Ekaterina's effort.
Marco (Switzerland)
Teacher: Yulia M
Language: Russian, German
I highly recommend Yulia. She is very friendly and very efficient. She teaches children very well and she provides a lot of exercises to work. My son has made tremendous progress and every week he is happy to take his German course with her.
Marina (London) Artist
Teacher: Ekaterina K
Language: Russian
After many years of looking for a structured way of learning Russian as a foreign language, I am very happy to have found this company! My daughter established an excellent working relationship with her teacher Ekaterina Krasnova and I am pleased with her progress! I recommend Skype-Language to anyone who's after a structured quality tutoring. Marina Kim
Анастасия (Москва) Студентка
Teacher: Yulia M
Language: Russian, German
Юлия замечательный преподаватель, прекрасно знает специфику преподавания немецкого языка. Я начала заниматься с Юлией с нуля, не имея никакого представления о немецком языке. И я быстро увидела результат. Буквально с первых занятий репетитор полностью удовлетворил мои требования. Юлия доброжелательный, приятный в общении человек, в то же время очень требовательный. Я рекомендую ее как ответственного и опытного преподавателя немецкого языка.
Vincent Montenero
Vincent Montenero (Paris / Brno ) Professor of management
Teacher: Natasha
Language: Russian
I really enjoy working with Natasha. During the lectures, she tries to use only Russian, which I consider to be the best method. Her explanations are clear and accurate. She has always been able to adapt to my request and create specific material according to my needs. This approach is very appropriate to a person like me who works with Russian. In summary, Natasha has managed to create a very efficient practice which makes up for the distance and the use of a virtual connection. Vincent
Broyde Hugues
Broyde Hugues (Maule) Engineer
Teacher: Natasha
Language: Russian
Natasha is very professional and competent. She try to bring the best of her students and help them to master the Russian languages. If she detects difficulties to a task she will spend more times to consolidate the knowledge. She is listening the needs of her students. Her lessons are enjoyable and not at all a burden. Thank you Natasha!
Blake (Boulder) Student
Teacher: Katrin N
Language: Russian
Ekaterina takes extra time during lessons, to help me learn more effectively, and in general, goes the extra mile to help me learn. Her patience, kindness, and dedication to teaching is inspiring.
Гюльшан (Баку) Врач
Teacher: Dasha
Language: English, Russian
Уже несколько недель занимаюсь русским языком с преподавателем Дашей. Я очень довольна, так как она не только отличный преподаватель, но и интересная личность. Занятия проходят на высоком уровне и очень интересны. Всем советую!
Yavor (Germany) programmer
Teacher: Helen
Language: Russian, Portuguese

I can only recommend Skype-Language's services!

They have highly qualified and friendly teachers. One of the best points about Skype-Language is the flexibility. Since my time planning changed I was offered a teacher in a different time zone to suit my free time. The lessons are individual and best suited to your requirements. The teachers analyze your knowledge and your targets and create lessons for your specific needs. They have also been very helpful by supplying me with materials for self preparation. I am really happy, because I could achieve some real improvements in my pronunciation and grammar. This is the place to say big thank you to my teacher Helen and the whole team! Thank you! You are great!

My overall experience has been very positive. If you are still hesitating - just give it a try by requesting a free test lesson. You won't be disappointed!

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