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Alice Native teacher 0 feedbacks
Teaches Italian
36 years
The University of Macerata
Teaching experience - 10 years
Nationality - Italian
Dear students! My name is Alice and I am Italian. Since 2009 I have been working as a native Italian-speaking teacher and Russian-Italian translator. I teach Italian simply and effectively! My training is entirely in languages. During the lessons, I can explain things in Russian (at beginner ...
Teaches Italian
36 years
Roma Tre
Teaching experience - 11 years
Nationality - Russian
Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Елена, и я преподаватель итальянского языка.  Уже пять лет я проживаю в столице Италии - в городе Риме. Я увлекаюсь историей, культурой, литературой этой замечательной страны, а также археологией и древним Римом. Я закончила Римский университет Roma Tre по ...
Teaches English, Italian
34 years
Saratov State University
Teaching experience - 15 years
Nationality - Russian
Hello! I am Anastasia Lychagina, and I teach English and Italian. Over the years I’ve met people with various reasons for learning languages, from trips to singing opera. But the goal has always been the same – speak, communicate, and understand. That’s why in our lessons we have ...
Teaches French, Italian
36 years
Ural State Pedagogical University
Teaching experience - 16 years
Nationality - Russian
Hello, my name is Mayya. I’m a teacher of Italian and French. I’ve always been passionate about languages. Moreover, my interest in them and ambitions have been only increasing over the years. I’ve been teaching for more than 12 years. Besides teaching in the Ural Federal ...
Teaches Spanish, Italian
35 years
Ulyanovsk State University, language practice in Havana State University (Cuba)
Teaching experience - 13 years
Nationality - Russian
Hello everybody! My name is Alejandra. I’m a teacher of Italian and Spanish. I enjoy travelling and getting to know new cultures. We will work as a team in a friendly and supportive environment which will make you feel relaxed and motivate you to use the language. We will use not just books, ...
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