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Vincent Montenero
Vincent Montenero (Paris / Brno ) Professor of management
Преподаватель: Natasha
Язык: Русский
I really enjoy working with Natasha. During the lectures, she tries to use only Russian, which I consider to be the best method. Her explanations are clear and accurate. She has always been able to adapt to my request and create specific material according to my needs. This approach is very appropriate to a person like me who works with Russian. In summary, Natasha has managed to create a very efficient practice which makes up for the distance and the use of a virtual connection. Vincent
Broyde Hugues
Broyde Hugues (Maule) Engineer
Преподаватель: Natasha
Язык: Русский
Natasha is very professional and competent. She try to bring the best of her students and help them to master the Russian languages. If she detects difficulties to a task she will spend more times to consolidate the knowledge. She is listening the needs of her students. Her lessons are enjoyable and not at all a burden. Thank you Natasha!
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