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We have been working for 11 years

About school

We have made the process of learning foreign languages fun and accessible to everyone!

Our achievements
11 years of success
65 professional teachers
650 positive reviews
1200 permanent students
18,000 graduates during their work
46590 conducted lessons
Why are we the best?
High quality
Our teachers are only highly-qualified and experienced philologists, dedicated to their work and loving their students. In their work they skilfully combine different techniques to achieve the best results.
Love for languages
Foreign languages are our life! Many of our teachers know and teach two or more foreign languages, live abroad or have studied there. They love their job and constantly polish up their skills, and are ready to share their love for languages with their students.
Individual approach
We tailor an individual curriculum for each student, as well as take care of a comfortable atmosphere at the lessons. We also take into account the likeness of interests, characters and temperaments of a student and a teacher.
Who we are, our history
Dear friends,
My name is Elena Perez. Online school is my favorite project, into creation of which I put my heart and soul!

The history of the school started for me in far 2009. Back then, I was a foreign languages university graduate having been working as an interpreter in an office and having been translating documents for one major company for many months from dusk to dawn.
All my best qualities including my real knowledge of a foreign language, my pedagogical talent, desire for communication, passion for constant self-improvement were not required at that job. But to quit and start teaching at school or university using outdated coursebooks and ineffective traditional methodology… to teach the same worn out “like a record” course thousands of times… No, I couldn't accept that either.

At the same time I was getting my second degree in economics and I had a plan to open an online school.
I started gathering like-minded people around me as much in love with what they do, active, open-minded, professional teachers of foreign languages to make education in my school progressive, effective, interesting and available for everyone.

Traveling is my passion - I have visited Greece, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the USA and other countries. Every time, going on a trip, I studied the basics of its language and culture with infatuation. Having found a great teacher for myself, I could no longer part with her or him and invited them to join Thus, the school soon became multilingual. I have personally studied with many of our teachers, tested their approach and methodology (on my own skin).

Each time, communicating with a new teacher, it is not only diplomas and work experience I am looking at (which are certainly taken into account) but I also ask myself if I would like to study with them, too. Can they keep my attention and boost motivation? Can they make me love the language they teach? If the answer is yes, then they are welcome to our team!

Online school now has 11 years of successful work, 9 languages, 65 professional teachers of 80 courses and over 650 positive reviews about classes taken by active students.

Even during pandemy, facing the high level of competition and loss of interest to foreign languages, our courses are still being chosen, because we are reliable, effective, efficient and exciting. Life goes on, personal and business relations require development and it is the best investment into the present and future.

The history of the school doesn't end here! We still strive to evaluate and get better: we have launched the new site and we are preparing new interesting products of good quality for our clients!

You can always find more insights and details concerning the school and business by following my Instagram:
Elena Perez
creator and
Being an active and empathic leader, and an experienced and talented teacher, Elena Perez has created an online school, where she has united people, who share her principal values: social skills, love for languages and teaching, striving for development and self-perfection.
Our team
Position The founder
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She’s an active and considerate person, an experienced teacher and talented manager, Elena founded a school that unites people who share her values: passion for languages, love for teaching, desire for constant self-improvement and high team’s morale.
Position Μanager
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Having joined the company because of her love for English, Olga has become a professional manager and a highly appreciated generator of various ideas. She fully understands her clients, easily and promptly tackles all the issues concerning the learning process.
Position Manager
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She is responsible, energetic and open-mined, easily gets on well with people of different nationalities and ages. With the experience of learning and teaching foreign languages under her belt, she is always ready to help and give valuable advice.
Position Manager
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She’s an admirer of the Spanish language and culture, her qualities of a professional teacher contribute to her managerial position: attention to each student’s individuality, care, love and understanding.
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