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Offer Contract

Offer Contract for

Skype Language Training


                                                                                                 Revision as of October 12, 2013


An individual entrepreneur Andrade Perez Elena Yuryevna referred hereinafter to as “the Contractor” acting under the license of state registration № 309595714700015, INN 595700374989 is publishing the present Contract for language training, i.e. English, Chinese, German and Russian, which are offered to any individual or legal entity referred hereinafter to as “the Client”.

The present Contract is a public offer according to Article 435 and Article 437 Part 2 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation and contains the overall essence of a contract for onerous rendering of services. The offer is considered to be accepted if the Client effects the payment for the training stated by the Contract to the Contractor’s account specified in the Contract.


The subject of the Contract is a fee-paying personal teaching the Client of one of the languages listed at via Internet using such software as Skype, Google-Talk or ICQ.



2.1.To render the services of teaching the Client of English, Chinese, German, or Russian according to the ordered program containing any amount of academic hours paid by the Client (an academic hour is 45 min) according to the price list published at 

2.2. To provide a qualified teaching staff for the education process.

2.3. To provide the trainee with all necessary digital teaching materials and textbooks which cost is included into the price of the training.

2.4. To establish the lesson schedule and coordinate it with the Client.

2.5. To compensate the lessons missed by the Contractor’s fault.

2.6. To inform about the date of the first lesson via Skype, e-mail or by phone indicated by the Client.



3.1. To provide in time and pay the Contractor the full cost of the services rendered according to the procedure stipulated by clause 4 of the Contract.

3.2. To attend all lessons containing in the schedule prepared together with the teacher.

3.3. To prepare home assignment with good faith.

3.4. To compensate the lessons which have not taken place because of the Client.

3.5. To inform the Contractor about the postponing of a lesson not later than 24 hours prior to the lesson. If this requirement is not fulfilled the Client pays for the missed lesson.

3.6. Do not disclose confidential information or other data provided by the Contractor in regard to this Contract, do not disclose or publish these facts or information (except the information of a public character) to the third parties without a prior written permission from the Contractor.



4.1. Payment for the Contractor’s services is effected as 100% payment for the required amount of hours within the period not later than 2 (two) bank days after the regular period of service rendering (depending on prepared schedule).

4.2. Payment is effected via electronic cash Yandex-Money, Webmoney or via the Contractor’s bank account which details are specified by the Contractor in payment receipt.

4.3. The Contractor does not recalculate the payment if the Client misses the lessons.

4.4. Payment for the missed lessons can be returned under a written request from the Client on the Sberbank account or Yandex.Money account. The refund after the agreement termination is organized after the deduction of 20% from the left amount. 

4.5. Service cost can change depending on market condition reflected on the website. The Contractor cannot change the service cost for a particular Client after the latter accepted the terms of the Contractor and effected the payment in the prescribed by the Contract manner.



The Contract is effective from the date of its signing by the Parties and is valid during one calendar year.



6.1. The Contractor has right to replace a teacher during the whole training period but not more than 2 times per month.

6.2. The Client has a right to carry over the lessons to any day convenient for him/her after approval of the date and time by the teacher not later than 24 hours before the start time of the lesson according to the schedule.

6.3. The Client has a right to stop the lessons under a written notification via and to proceed the training after it is coordinated with the teacher within the whole period of the Contract.

6.4. The Client has a right to refuse from the training if the Contractor fails to fulfill its obligations under the Contract. The amount of payment to be returned is recalculated regarding the lessons carried out. To recalculate the service cost under the Contract the Parties define a cost of an academic hour depending on a chosen rate.

6.5. The Client has a right to use the package of 5 -10 lessons during 180 calendar days, beginning from the payment day, to use the package of 15 lessons during 210 calendar days and the package of 30 lessons during 365 calendar days. By the end of these dates the rest of the amount is considered to be expired.  

6.6. If acts of God occur (military actions, civil wars, epidemies, emergencies, fires, earthquakes, floods and other natural catastrophes) the Contract can be terminated unilaterally if there is no reply from the other Party within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of a written notification from the Party referring to the acts of God (specifying the particular circumstance and a reason of connection between the acts of God and impossibility to fulfill the terms of the Contract).



7.1. The rights and liabilities of the Parties cannot be delegated to the third Party. After the Contract is signed all preceding agreements, contracts and other agreements, if any, written or verbal related to the subject of the Contract are terminated.

7.2. All disputes arising relating this Contract are settled by negotiations between the Parties of the Contract. If the disputes and contradictions cannot be settled by the specified method they are to be settled according to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.




Individual entrepreneur Andrade Perez E.Y.

Tax payer number 595700374989

PSRN 309595714700015

Dated May 27, 2009

Passport: 4013 823347 dated 05.09.2013 issued by TP №67 of Federal Migration Service Directorate of St.Petersburg in Primorsky region of St.Petersburg


Skype: skype-language1

Bank details



Tinkoff Bank

Bank Identification Code


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