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  • Greek language for beginners from Skype-Language has drawn up a new project- online course of Greek language. Right now you can start learning Greek with our online tutors.   The program course includese Greek for beginners or Conversational Greek for those who continue learning.   GREEK FOR BEGINNERS:   Basic Greekcourse, 25-35 study hours.The aims of the course: work on pronunciation and alphabet, reading comprehension skills development, basic concepts of Greek grammar.   Vocabulary: topics: family, shopping, food, colours, professions, house, weather, etc.   Achieved skills at the end of the course: Reading skills, letters, the ability to speak in Greek (Basic Greek dialogue, level Introduction), the ability to describe things, to introduce yourself, to express agreement and disagreement.   Basic Greek online course- level 2, 25-35 study hours.This course is created for those who have already done the Basic Greek course. The aims of the course: pronunciation ...
  • The language of church- Greek” from Skype-Language
    The special course “The language of church - the Greek language” includes 60 and more study hours. This course is designed for students with any Greek language level (Greek level test).The main characteristic feature of the course is that Greek is taught on the basis of liturgical texts (Holy Writ, Greek Orthodox Christian books, Christian magazines and so on), audio and video materials on many Christian topics (movies, songs, sermons).   The aims of the course: teaching to read and to write, Greek grammar learning, the work on common and church vocabulary and the development of comprehension and communication skills in Greek language. The special course” The language of church- the Greek language” offers a detailed look at some of the peculiarities of Katharevousa (lit. “puristic language” which is considered to be the conservative form of the modern Greek language which was quickly spread in the 19th and 20thcentury. Then Katharevousa was ...
  • Conversational Greek online for advanced students from Skype-Language
    Deep Greek course, 60 and over 60 study hours.The program is intended for those who are aimed at getting a more profound understanding of Greek grammar and its refinement. This course is strongly recommended for students who intend to enter the language courses in the Institute of Athenian countries. Besides, going in to great detail on grammar, the course focuses on developing reading skills, work on pronunciation, work with various texts at different levels of difficulty and work with tests.   Achieved skills at the end of the course: skills necessary for reading, the ability to work with tests, to make a description of pictures orally and in a written form and to keep up the conversation on different topics.   To start learning the language with our online tutors of Greek you need to book a trial lesson.   Find out the price of the online Greek lessons.   
  • Preparation for international exam in Greek
    Whether you are planning to move to Greece and get a job there, enter the university or you just want to have a certificate confirming your level - our teachers are here to help you prepare for international tests of attainment in Greek. Advantages of our course over classes in other schools: -in a trial lesson a teacher will determine your level and estimate the longevity of your exam preparation, considering how often you are going to have classes and how willing you are to do home tasks; - a teacher will identify your weaknesses  and build a personalised course targeted at working on them; - a teacher will get you acquainted with the test  structure using previous years exam papers; - a teacher will explain the marking criteria;  - our teachers will tell you about their personal experience of taking language tests; Together with your teacher you will go through all types of tasks the exam includes and do a mock test. Here is what you get after you have ...
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