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  • Portuguese for beginners from Skype-Language
    Bom dia!     Why?   Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages that is spoken by over 190 million people in the world. It is a mother tongue not only for the Portuguese and Brazilians but also for people from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Makau, Equatorial Gunea, etc.   Melodious Portuguese is the language of many musical compositions in the world from freyo in Portugal to Brazilian samba.   Brazilian serials in Portuguese, football and the carnival in Brazil make a big impression!   Portuguese has the right to be called a sweet language, which you can feel when you start speaking it!   For whom?   Portuguese can be interesting to those who love the history and unique architecture of Portugal, gourmands and admires of high-quality wine. It can also be useful for those who dream of visiting Rio de Janeiro with its wonderful atmosphere, passionate music and picturesque views. And, of course, those who simply enjoy melodious ...
  • Conversational Portuguese from Skype-Language
    Olá!   Why?   Portuguese is the seventh most popular language in the world and attracts more language lovers with its melody and sonority.   There is no doubt that Portugal is becoming more popular with Russian businessmen, tourists, nature lovers and gourmands.   Recently Brazil has also become popular: Brazilian music is used by cinematography, Brazilian events and festivals are held every year, Russian cities arrange classes of Brazilian samba, foro and capueira. Tourists try to visit this exotic country with its marvelous atmosphere and versatile culture.   Russia and Brazil also have common interests in politics and economy as they form  the economic group called BRICS along with the other developing countries - India, China and Africa.   For whom?   "Conversational Portuguese" from Skype-Language can interest those who love Portugal and Brazil, plan to regularly visit theses countries or simply love Portuguese and want ...
  • Portuguese for tourists from Skype-Language
    Olá!     Why?    Portuguese is the language of two wonderful countries which kindle the interest of many tourists more and more nowadays. Portugal is attracting by its history, architecture, sea food and mild climate. Brazil, in its turn, fascinates by its extravagance and brightness, sounds of samba, exotic landscapes, openness and friendliness of Brazilian people.     Anyway, travelling around these countries can become even more memorable if you have the possibility to communicate with Portuguese and Brazilian people in their own language - Portuguese.      Thus, saying "Bom dia" (Good morning) or "Otimo!" (Great!) at the reception you will make your day happier because you'll be able to understand what you are said in return and you will not have to smile confusingly.      Whom?   The course "Portuguese for tourists" will be good for everyone who is planning to visit Portugal or Brazil ...
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