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  • Italian for Beginners from Skype-Language
    It`s no secret that Italian is accepted as by far the most beautiful, harmonious and melodious language all over the world. It`s the Language of Music, Opera, Art, Poetry, Architecture, Cookery, etc. It`s spoken in sunny Italy, San Marino and Vatican. The beauty and elegance of Italy are therefore endlessly talk-inspiring . Italy inherited the great Roman Empire system and the spiritual insight of that time. So up till the present moment you have a great chance to visit a huge variety of museums, to enjoy the view of the Alps and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Besides, you can taste spaghetti “Al dente”, pizza and tiramisu listening to the famous singers like Adriano Celentano or Tiziano Ferro. Blossoming Florence, Exquisite Venice and Eternal Rome -all this you can find if you go to Italy.   Do you love this country and usually go there? Do you like Italian songs and you want to know their context? Do you plan to study or travel in Italy? Do you need ...
  • Italian for tourists from Skype-Language
    If you have made up your mind to go to sunny Italy, you will definitely feel the need of the conversational Italian . Why? Mostly because the Italians prefer to speak only in their native tongue. So, the knowledge of some useful words and phrases will certainly help you communicate and feel comfortable in most situations abroad.   “Italian for tourists” is a special course organized for people going on holiday to Italy. That`s why it covers all the topics on the problematic issues which occasionally happen abroad while travelling. This online Italian language course is designed for people who have never learnt Italian before. During short-term learning you will get the general knowledge necessary for travelling and business trips. Practicing the communication skills lies at the core of the course. It means that we will deal with some problematic situations you can come across in Italy and try to practice them in Italian. The ...
  • Business Italian from Skype-Language
    The partnership between Russia and Italy is rooted in long-term history. Italy is a reliable and loyal partner of Russia. The last days business relations between these 2 countries are constantly growing. It is obviously seen by an endless number of delegations coming from Italy to Russia and from Russia to Italy. Besides, Italy sells their goods to Russia and Russia is manufacturing more goods for export to sell them to Italy. International Russian-Italian corporations are being formed as well.   To successfully negotiate with foreign partners, it is highly important to be able to prepare foreign documents in accordance with international standards, to conduct negotiations and organize a presentation.   The knowledge of Business Italian can be taken as a mark of respect by your Italian colleagues. It will definitely make your partnership stronger.   If you need the Italian language to deal with foreign partners, carry on negotiations or write ...
  • Conversational Italian online from Skype-Language
    Do you want to get a full language acquisition in the shortest possible time; acquire, refresh your conversational skills or just expand your knowledge of Italian vocabulary? So, if –yes, this “Conversational Italian course” is for you!   The Conversational Italian Online Course is specially organized for people of different language levels- for those who have never studied Italian before and for those who speak pretty well.   This course opens to you interesting topics, creative tasks, dialogues, songs, movie watching and their further discussion and playing of various life-like situations you possibly can come across in Italy. And all of this is going to be in a live Italian language! The main stress is supposed to be on building of conversational skills, but at the same time we will be learning the main grammar base and cover other language skills like reading, writing and listening. Apart from that, we will focus on studying ...
  • Italian for Italy from Skype-Language
    Do you want to live in Italy? Are you already living there? Do you plan to obtain a work-study position there but you don`t know the language? Or, maybe, you would rather improve your Italian conversational skills? In this case the course “Italian for Italy” is for you! This course is specially organized for people of different language levels- for people who have never studied the language before and for those who speak quite well. In our lessons we will use special approved editions to study and different audio records. Besides, we will read books, listen to the songs in Italian, watch and discuss movies, TV programs (L’Eredita, Chi vuol essere milionario?) and watch the news. Just in a few months you will start SPEAKING conversational Italian or you will noticeably improve the language level! With the help of the course “Italian for Italy” you will be able to develop basic Italian language skills    ...
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