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Курсы английского онлайн

Online English courses from Skype-Language are suitable for students of all ages and language levels. The best age for children to start online classes is 9. However, if offline lessons are not possible, children can start from an earlier age, provided that parents are nearby and can provide any support needed.

All our classes are held online as one-on-one lessons with a teacher or within a mini-group. For your lessons, you can pick any platform, convenient for you, such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meetings, Whats app, etc.

Our school offers 10 different English courses for adults and children:

1. General English: it’s a course in general English for any language level (from Beginner to Advanced).

This course aims at improving an overall language level, expanding vocabulary, and working on the main language aspects, which are grammar, listening, speaking, and writing.

2. Speaking English: it’s a course of speaking English from Skype-language

The goal of the course is to help overcome the language barrier and enable you to speak at any language level, from beginner to advanced. It doesn't mean there is no grammar or reading, however, the focus is on speaking and listening skills so you can understand native speakers.

3. Business English: it’s a business course in English also known as professional English.

This course is designed for learners, whose level is at least В1 / Pre-Intermediate, who need the language for their job and career growth, who are looking for a job abroad, want to master their business correspondence and telephoning skills. Unlike offline lessons, online lessons at our school can be flexible and as intensive as you like to fit even the busiest schedule.

4. English by Phone – English for Telephone, or Business English for negotiations, suits beginners and more advanced learners.

This course is a good choice for those who talk a lot on the phone or other platforms in English. With a teacher, you will work on overcoming the language barrier and improving your listening skills. The course also includes some grammar, words, and phrases common in oral communication.

5. Preparation for the United state exam in English

The course is for senior students (years 10-11) of regular comprehensive schools and schools with extensive English learning. Within this course, students will get acquainted with the exam format, practice all types of exam tasks, improve their language skills, and increase their chances of getting a higher score.

6. Preparation for IELTS and TOEFL – Exam preparation for all levels (Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced)

This course is designed to prepare students for different English language exams. Studying with an experienced teacher, you will get familiar with the exam structure and tasks, and work on all the language aspects to pass exams with high scores!

7. Online English classes based on films and TV-shows

The content of this course will depend both on your preferences and language level. Watching and then analysing popular films and shows in the original language, will familiarize you with modern English, phrases, and slang words which are used in everyday life.

8. English for kids and students

This course is specifically designed for children, teenagers, and university students and it aims to improve academic performance. It also includes working with extra materials, and helping with home tasks if necessary

9. Reading in English for children

This course is suitable for pre-schoolers and primary school students. Classes can be held both in a one-on-one format or in mini-groups. Lessons take place on an interactive platform and are based on short engaging stories and follow-up tasks. Kids will improve their reading skills. Children will learn to understand texts and improve their pronunciation. The course will help your child feel more confident at school!

10. English Speaking Club: Lessons in our Speak Star club from Skype-Language with a native speaker or a Russian-speaking teacher.
These lessons are great for those who want to expand their vocabulary, practise their speaking skills and discuss various exciting topics.

The course may last from a few months to a year or longer. It depends on the initial level and a student's goal.

Our teachers and experienced and qualified specialists, who are ready to create a personalised study plan, find suitable materials and textbooks taking into account the level, goals, and individual features of each learner. Each of the courses presented at our school can be taught both by Russian-speaking teachers and native English speakers.

We recommend having a 20-minute trial lesson before starting the course so that you can get acquainted with a teacher, and discuss the schedule and a study plan. 

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