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  • Spanish for tourists from Skype-Language
    “Spanish for tourists” is an effective language course especially created for people who are planning trips to one of the Spanish-speaking countries or for its constant visitors. The course “Spanish for tourists” takes an individual form of learning. Going through this online course in school you have a marvelous opportunity either to learn the main phrases and expressions from a “phrase book” or get to know with the culture and the customs of the country you are going to. Our professional Spanish tutors will give you a hand with all sorts of trip planning. This includes hostel booking and filling in the form with the help of a tutor to get a Schengen visa. Besides, they will provide you with information about tourism legislation and regulation of the country you are about to visit and information about the tourist attractions. Being already at the place you will feel yourself like at home! In case, here is ...
  • Conversational Spanish from Skype-Language
    The course “Conversational Spanish” is designed for those who have already passed the course for beginners and want to master his/her communication skills. This course will also ideally suit people who strongly believe they are fluent in written Spanish but they still need work on the communication skills development (in this case the language levels can be various- from basic (A2) to advanced (B2 and C1)). Besides, people who feel the absolute necessity in DELE Spanish preparation can also make the most of this course. After passing some language lessons with us you will not have weak points in such exam sections like “Expresión oral” and “Comprensión auditiva”.   One of the main aims of the “Conversational Spanish” course is to provide you with more practice on listening comprehension to make you easily recognize the words in Spanish speech no matter its complexity and rate. For this reason, our ...
  • Spanish for beginner from Skype-Language
    The course “Spanish for beginners” is highly-suitable for those who are eager to start learning Spanish from the alphabet or for people who desire to refresh rusty language skills and strengthen their basic knowledge of Spanish. The program course is designed in accordance with the required needs to pass the international certification examination, A2 level. In this case, the student who passes the whole course of study is supposed to possess all the potential, to successfully pass the international exam Diploma de Espanol Lengua Extranjera nivel Inicial (DELE), the Institute of Cervantes. This exam is held at a time in the world including some universities in Russia. The course program offers teaching according to 3 main categories: grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing. Here are presented the main grammar topics you can learn in the course: modal, regular and irregular verbs; reflexive verbs in the present tense (all types of conjunction), verbs in ...
  • DELE Preparation course
    The Exam DELE of the Servantes Institute is a language test that certifies degree of fluency in Spanish and responds to descriptors of the CERF (Common European Framework of Reference). In fact, having the DELE Certificate will give you a unique opportunity to gain access to the Education World. Moreover, it will greatly expand your career options in Spanish-speaking countries and companies where the target language is needed.   The exam consists of standard tasks that test your proficiency in reading and listening comprehension, oral expression and written production. The tasks change depending on the level. For example, the written task can be either a letter or a composition. Besides, you can be asked to write an argumentative essay or prepare a presentation in accordance with the listening passage or opinions you are offered on the chosen topic.     You can get a more detailed information reading our articles (Preparation for DELE and The exam DELE of the ...
  • Business Spanish Course
    Do you own your business in Spain? Do you wish to open a new destination- Latin American countries? Are you working for Spanish or Latin American company and planning to establish business relations with Spanish-speaking partners? Or maybe you are going to have a business trip to a Spanish-speaking country?   With the Business Spanish Course from the Skype-Language, you will feel more confident setting up business contacts and talking to business partners both in Spain and in any other Spanish-speaking country.   During this course from Skype-Language, you will master business vocabulary and grammar used in Spain and Latin American countries. Besides, you will get knowledge of business reality, necessary to collaborate with Spanish-speaking countries. You will also improve your Spanish communication skills. The key point of all lessons will be studying of mentality issues and business culture of your target country or region.   Our Business Spanish Course is only ...
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