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  • Chinese for beginners from Skype-Language
    You want to broaden your outlook? You would like to find out more about the culture of one of the ancient civilizations? You would love to feel the mysterious part of Asia? It`s not a secret any more that it`s practically impossible to explore the culture of any country without learning its language. The course “Chinese for beginners” is especially designed for those interested in the language where no previous knowledge of Chinese is required. The workout program is presented by the company. Here you will find our best online Chinese teachers who will provide you with all professional assistance you need at the most difficult stage of learning the language- beginning. While you ere learning the language they will help you learn Chinese characters and their pronunciation. Besides, you will also explore the aspects of Chinese society and culture.   Perhaps, speaking Chinese after several lessons can sound highly improbable until you ...
  • Spoken Chinese from Skype-Language
    The program “Conversational Chinese” developed by Skype-language Company is currently the most popular one among other courses of Chinese.   The interest towards the practical course of Chinese language is constantly growing all over the world and it`s based on a variety of real reasons. China is a fast-developing country. In today`s business world, the knowledge of Chinese has become increasingly important. It might be quite possible that one day our students already tried to learn Chinese on their own, with the help of their friends or Chinese courses. The problems like lack of time, a pile of unanswered questions made them shelve their learning ideas until the right time comes for that. The course “Conversational Chinese” created by will help you solve many problems. On the one hand, our certified teachers of Chinese will answer all your questions related to grammar, sentence structure and the etymology of Chinese ...
  • Conversational Chinese for tourists from Skype-Language
    Every year a great number of tourists visit China. Among them there is a large percentage of Russian tourists as well. So, why does this country attract so many people?   China is a country with a very early civilization and a long and rich history aged over 5000 years .It has a special culture which preserved its individuality and unique identity. Not often you can find a place with such an unusual atmosphere and amazing contrasts.There are blazing sky-scrapers of megapolises neighboring with hutongs of faceless quarters. There are old mountain villages with fantastic Rice terrace views. Besides all of this, you can see wonderful parks with labyrinth made of silicic monolith and a small lake with golden fish.   Anyway, there is one “but” while you are going to China. Travelling across this land, you might face some difficulties because not all Chinese people can speak English. If you can`t ask how to get to the hotel, if you can`t ask for the non-smoking ...
  • Business Chinese from Skype-Language
    It is not a secret that trade relations with China are developing more and more intensively. tries to be up-to-date. Specialists who do business with China can benefit from the programme on Business Chinese designed by the school. The aims of the course are as follows: to give the basics of Business Chinese, to develop skills for establishing business relations. The course is mainly based on speaking practice, includes the vocabulary on such conversational topics as "Meeting Business Partners", "Negotiating Prices", "Talking on the Phone", etc. But there are also tasks on reading and understanding authentic commerce and economic reference materials.   Business relations often require certain diplomatic skills. Topics and stories offered by Business Chinese from Skype-Language are typical in terms of economic relations between Russia and China. Typical dialogues help not only to expand vocabulary and achieve accuracy but also show cultural ...
  • Exam preparation in Chinese (HSK)
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