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  • General English from Skype-Language
    Our company offers General English course. Sometimes it is called just General English. Our special field is modern English online that means using up-to-date technologies such as Skype. The course of General English is the improvement of all the aspects of the language: listening comprehension, speaking (development of verbal skills), reading and writing.   "General English from Skype-Language" is combined individually depending on the interests, needs and targets of each student. You may choose the program of English for beginners or conversational English online either with Russian-speaking teacher or with a native speaker. The main focus of the course is the fast and correct mastering of the English language or the alteration of the earlier given base.   One of the most typical cases is when a person already started to learn English but quitted in some time. That’s why very often a ...
  • Business English online from Skype-Language
    Business English course is for those who have the desire to improve their knowledge in Business in the English language. Business English course will be ideal for people who are somehow connected with business or plan to deal with it in future.   Business people tend always to suffer from lack of time. offers to economize your precious time and try the course "Business English online from Skype-Language". The distinguishing feature of our course is Business English online by means of Skype ortelephone . There is no need to spend your time on the road to language centers or tutors, you may study in front of your computer. If you are on a business trip, you don’t miss classes because your teacher in always online whenever you are. All you need is the Internet connection and your computer. We are sure you faced the situation when in spite of your high level of English you can’t ...
  • English Speaking course from Skype-Language
    This practical course in English from Skype-Language breaks apart language barriers and improves your conversational English, which is important in the complete study of any foreign language, at this time and in English. Skype-Language’s specific course – conversational English online will maximally stimulate your verbal ability on this organic path and will also give the possibility of supplementing your non-verbal English conversation, i.e. gestures.   In the program, English Speaking Course Online, there are distinctive and motivating conversation topics. For the very first level, general topics are presented: how to find one’s way in the city, how to order food at a restaurant, how to reserve a room at a hotel and many others. Advanced levels may study wider topics, for example “The 10 habits of happy people,” “How to be successful in life,” “How to determine your path in life,” and other ...
  • English by Phone from Skype-Language
    English by phone is a course specially invented by for people who need the skills of communication over the phone or Skype. We equal Skype to telephone because it is becoming more and more the part of our private and business life. It’s not a secret that we use a lot of verbal symbols such as gestures and mimicry in real life communication because this helps us to explain ourselves.   When we feel lack of words we tend to draw pictures or schemes to reach the interlocutor. You can’t apply the same methods in Skype or telephone and such sounds as “eh” and ”aaa” appear in your speech or you just stay silent. Our program English by Phone or English by Skype won’t let you keep silence.   Who is interested in studying English via Skype or phone? Business people who often negotiate something with foreign partners; Tourists who enjoy travelling and prefer to book the hotel rooms and tickets themselves; Just ...
  • Preparation for EGE, IELTS and TOEFL in English from Skype-Language
    The modern world is demanding too much from present and future students. Particularly, one needs perfect results in EGE in order to enter a university in Russia and good preparation for IELTS or TOEFL to be able to study in a foreign institution of higher education.   It is hard to state, that school syllabus provides enough time for mastering such complicated academic skills as speaking , listening , reading and writing for passing EGE. It is even more so if we speak about preparation for IELTS or TOEFL.   If your children are concerned about this issue, then the course "Preparation for EGE, IELTS and TOEFL in English from Skype-Language" is what you need!     Preparation for IELTS     IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – is an international certificate developed for determining your English proficiency level. IELTS is ...
  • English Speaking Club "Speak Fluent" от Skype-Language
    Dear users and guests of our site! We are very glad to present you our new language study option. Having been created by school, this offer will be highly suitable for those willing to master their conversational English skills with amoderate price.  For the lessons with native teachers people usually pay an outrageous cost. It`s quite obvious that not everybody can afford to have such lessons especially if we are talking about a qualified native English speaking tutor.  For this reason, now you have this marvelous opportunity to join our English Speaking Club “Speak Fluent” by  What is it about?  The main AIM of discussion clubs is to help students speak up and develop listening skills. The English speaking club works in regime of Skype voice conference! Our native teacher Aiden adds all the participants in one group and makes an online call at the agreed time. ...

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