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  • German for beginner from Skype-Language
    Why?   German is the mother tongue of approximately 100 million people and another 80 million people worldwide, who know this language as a foreign one.   German is the language of a progressive, modern and dynamic developing country.   While learning German, you will not only be connected to millions of German speakers around the globe. It will also get you to learn about an authentic and diverse culture of Germany and German-speaking countries. When you learn German you acquire a range of skills which can improve the quality of both your work and private life.   Who can study?   Our online German course for beginners is highly appropriate for all those wishing to learn the language. You may know nothing or know just a little bit of German. It doesn’t make a great difference because our professional German teachers from Skype-Language school know no bounds in their teaching methods. We are ready to help you make the best of ...
  • Speaking German from Skype-Language
    Who can study?   When assessing our applicants for the course “Conversational German from Skype-Language”, we require the minimal level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You’ve already learnt so much, you want to know more but the most important is that you want to speak German.   How?   It`s well-known that the language doesn’t exist without communication.   The specificity of the course program made by our German teachers from is aimed at developing students` communication skills. Besides, they will also create real life situations to help you speak up at the lesson. You just learn how to talk about things that surround you but in German.   The teachers build the lessons on the basis of texts, video and some recent news in order to provide you with interesting conversation starters.   All materials and topics for the lesson are chosen in advance depending ...
  • German tutorial for school children from Skype-Language
    Who can study?   This online course is directed towards children who study at school and students who go to universities. The classes are offered at different language ability levels, ranging from beginners learning German to those who continue studying German. With the help of the course you will get a marvelous opportunity to deepen your knowledge and improve your speaking skills of German.   Why?   You are studying German following the program of your educational institution. You are suffering a real hardship while doing your homework. The amount of study hours is not enough to learn the German grammar well. You see the absolute necessity of help and preparation for school and university exams.   How?   Our German teachers from school will help you accomplish the tasks you have. You will be explained how to cope with the exercises you are required to do. You will be given all the necessary information on the rules ...
  • Business German from Skype-Language
    Who can study?   This course is specially created for company managers, company and department leaders.   The level of German is supposed to be from A2-B1 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).   Why?   Every day brings a chance for you to successfully negotiate with your German-speaking partners.   More and more you find yourself in need of using German in your workplace.   How?   Depending on your personal aims and learning objectives, teachers will use some certain approaches to help you find your individual learning style that suits you best. It will cover all aspects of a complete language infrastructure to help you implement the language quickly.   With the help of our individual German lessons via Skype, you will be able to expand your store of knowledge and get rid of the language barrier. You will have learnt to communicate in German both orally and by ...
  • German for profession from Skype-Language
    Who can study?   This course is specifically designed for adult learners. The level of German is supposed to be from A2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).   Why?   You work in a foreign company where the knowledge of German is required. Your profession is all about the usage of German language. You want to integrate the knowledge of German into your work sphere. You want to keep up, improve and deepen your language skills.   How?   The teachers of German from school will offer you an individual lesson plan, built up to fit your requirements, aims and specific character of your professional occupation.   Our teachers from school will choose only modern and general education materials. The lessons will be based on new methodic and didactic principles.   At your lessons, you will not only master grammar, new vocabulary and speaking ...
  • Preparation for international exams and Russian state exam in German from Skype-Language
    If you`ve made up your mind to study, work or even move for family reasons to Germany or any other German-speaking countries, you will definitely find it important to get an international certificate of proficiency in German. Besides, having this certificate can play a significant role when applying for a job internationally. Surely, you can take this exam only just to test your language level, too. At times, good language skills are not enough to achieve this certificate: passing a certification exam does not only imply knowledge of the language, but it also deals with the right «technique»- to manage your time to finish the task format in a short period. This is the reason why you need to take the preparation seriously. You can always count on the teachers from Skype-language, who will help you succeed in passing the exam. They all have a great experience, preparing students of different levels for the language tests. Moreover, they have passed these exams too, so they ...

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