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  • French for beginners from Skype-Language
    The course “French for beginners from Skype-Language” is especially designed for those who have recently taken a great interest in this romantic language. This program is highly-suitable as well for people who want to pick it up again after a long absence. We are here to help you raise your French language level, from the level “Starters” up to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you have never learnt French with the help of foreign training materials and you don`t know your language level, we can define it with the proficiency test that corresponds to the standards of international exams.   While teaching French online, we use only foreign educational materials (mainly for adults, TAXI); reference manuals vocabulaireprogressif, grammaireprogressif; books aimed at preparation for international examsand French mass media materials. If you have concrete wishes about some books, we will use it during your ...
  • Conversational French from Skype-Language
    While learning the language people usually face a huge problem. You can read and write but you are struggling to make a question to ask something a foreigner or just to find out the price of the thing that caught your attention at the shop. With our course “Conversational French from Skype-Language” you will instantly forget about this inconvenient feeling. At the lessons our French tutors pay particular attention to thedevelopment of conversation skills, your ability to react to non-standard situations and orient to a new language environment.   As our tutors are interested in providing you with the real life situation, all the lessons are being conducted by them in French. While teaching, they use authentic texts and audios.   We also want you to know that the language conversation practice can be done at different levels. For this reason, we identify your language level and after, on the basis of this, we create the lessons for you.   The ...
  • French for children from Skype-Language
    The course “French for children” and teenagers doesn`t imply only tightening up subject practice but also includes teaching French from the start.   You will find this course absolutely convenient owing to the fact that you will not spend any more money to reach the language school. Besides, you can always choose the timetable that suits your child best. YourFrench tutor can always provide you with various forms of help; you just need to open Skype.   The online French course gives to your child a golden opportunity to experience an engaging and effective process of learning. Learners can actively use a great number of multimedia materials, songs and literary works.   While studying, you will use authentic materials and the manuals issued by French publishers. You can also express your preferences about the desired book you`d love to use at the lesson and we will definitely put it in use. If no, we generally offer our teenagers a program with ...
  • Preparation for EGE and internation exams DELF and DALF in French from Skype-Language
    Here are the aspects on which we put great emphasis while preparing you for French EGE online:   mastering listening skills, listening to a great number of various audio notes, preparation for part A grammar, grammatical formation, the usage of forms, grammatical language system and its construction -for the exercises from part B. vocabulary, text reading, the development of feeling for language and logical thinking, communication skills, vocabulary enrichment-for the exercises from part B. the development of writing skills-for the exercises from part C, the usage of speech cliché, some phrases to express your thoughts and feelings, letter samples for any situation.   All the materials and elaborated methodical books are already included into the course price. Besides, we offer you to have a trial lesson before to start the preparation course for French EGE.   1. Preparation for international exams DELF and DALF.   In ...
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