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Essay writing: getting started

Essay writing: getting started

For many writers, getting started is the hardest part. You may have noticed that when it is time to begin a writing assignment, you suddenly develop an enormous desire to straighten your books, water your plants, or sharpen your pencils for the fifth time. 

But no matter how you actually begin putting words on paper, it is absolutely essential to maintain two basic ideas concerning your writing task. Before you write a single sentence, you should always remind yourself that 1.You have some valuable ideas to tell your reader, and 2.More than anything, you want to communicate those ideas to your reader. 

These reminders may seem obvious to you, but without a solid commitment to you own opinions as well as your reader, your prose will be lifeless and boring. If you don’t care about your subject, you can’t very well expect anyone else to. Have confidence that your ideas are worthwhile and that your reader genuinely wants, or needs, to know what you think.

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