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Beans and English - an inseparable connection

Beans and English - an inseparable connection

Despite numerous jokes about British cuisine, food is actually a big part of this country’s culture. And of course the language always reflects some  important cultural features. And do you know what is very popular in this wonderful country? Baked beans! Beans on toast are a must dish for a Brit, they can also be a side dish, a part of your stew or you can just heat them up and here you go, your meal is ready. And quite logically beans have found their way into everyday colloquial English.


So what can beans tell us?


TO BE FULL OF BEANS - to be very active, lively, full of energy.

Mr Smith is already 99  and he is still full of beans!         


full of beans


GIVE IT SOME BEANS! - a phrase used  to encourage someone to complete a task.

  • I can’t open this jar!             

  •     Just give it some beans!            -


SPILL THE BEANS - reveal a secret, to tell some secret information.

Если вы рассказываете чужие секреты, то вы spill the beans! И этого делать нельзя.

Hey Kate, let’s meet tonight. I have some beans to spill.


spilled the beans


COOL BEANS - a phrase used to describe something nice, favourable, great.

Вам что-то понравилось? Просто скажите cool beans.


  • Mate, look at my new car!      

  • Cool beans!                             


cool beans                                                            


OLD BEAN - a friendly way to address a man.

Hey old bean, nice to see you! 

old beans

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