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Here are some pieces of advice for those who want to acquire a foreign language.

First and foremost, motivation plays a vital role in language learning and there are different motivators depending on a person's high-priority needs. But in any case, nowadays everybody finds it obvious that the knowledge of language is:


  • A great deal of enjoyment
  • One of the main components of any person`s intellectual performance
  • One of the main today`s employers ‘ requirements
  • A grand opportunity to learn how to express the thoughts in a beautiful and figurative way
  • A fantastic brain training




“Sturm and drang”- it`s another important constituent of a language learning method. Master the language skills as much as you can wherever you are: at home, in the bathroom or on a bus. Do not get rid of some desperate ways to work on foreign words and tricky constructions. Keep on studying these complicated word combinations in a near-maniacal way. Finally, you will definitely achieve your fruitful results and unknown words will typically be thought of as general vocabulary.




Reading aloud will also help you speed up the process of learning a new language. Start with the simplest texts for elementary level. You will be highly motivated every time you recognize the words. Do not say depreciatingly:” It`s a primitive book with a language level lower than mine!”. At the first stage, it`s necessary to develop and experience this feeling of elation. Speaking aloud is important because the physiological independence does exist between our speech and aural reception. It means that the aural reception rate is equal to the rate of speech. So, read, read and read…




Listening to the music and watching movies in target language will be helpful at any stage of language learning, as well. Don`t be lazy to push the button “pause” and listen/watch some text fragments several times. It`s also advisable to repeat aloud the most difficult or favourite phrases. Promise yourself to learn by heart some words a day: The drop excavates the stone, not with force but by falling often”.




Don`t hesitate to communicate in the second language- we are repeating this banal but absolutely indisputable truth for the umpteenth time. Your speech errors will never trouble native speakers but your aspiration to speak a foreign language will always be respected.




Always put your language skills to good use. You can do it to yourself, simply walking in the street and describing your actions or actions of the people coming towards you. Force yourself to think in a target language.




 Remember, once you know one language, other similar languages become easier to learn. So, knowing Spanish, you can learn how to speak Italian, French and Portuguese easily, applying the language forms of these languages in imaginative ways. So, don`t be afraid of learning languages. ”As many languages as you know, so many separate individuals you are worth”. Attributed to Charles V.

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