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The benefit from watching movies in a second language

The benefit from watching movies in a second language

You could have English conversation classes or classes of another language. You could study English online but whatever way you choose you will always need to widen your vocabulary list.


Practice and teachers` experience put a noticeable stress on the following proven fact: watching films in a second language is considered to be the best way to enrich your speech with modern conversation phrases of the target language. The key words here are "modern" and “conversation”. None of the other sources will provide you with such a great number of phrases and expressions used in everyday conversation by native speakers.



Here offers you 2 applicable ways to work on movies:



  • Divide the movie in several parts and then, study every phrase from these parts thoroughly. Subtitles will be of a great help while watching the movie. This way is for real language lovers. It`s a laborious and hard work.



  • Become completely absorbed in a movie, forget about everything that surrounds you. The main point here is to take an action fully abstracting your mind from details. Accustom yourself to listening to a live stream of foreign speech.



It`s important to remember that aim of watching a movie is mastering the language. That`s why you should select a film where the speech rate is good, the words are clear and there are subtitles. Don`t choose involute movies and do not be guided by the factor like novelty. 

In accordance with the helpful tips mentioned above, here are some well-known movies for you to watch, e.g. ”My best friend’s wedding” or “Freaky Friday”. Even if you know these light and touching stories, watching them in English would be undoubtedly useful and subtitles will help you understand them.



Freaky Friday Movie Fragment  





Look at the movie context and see how it can enrich your attempt to build a better vocabulary.



«My best friend’s wedding»:

“I made a command decision that changed my life”.

(I took a crucial decision that changed my life.)


“We were a wrong fit right from the start”.

(We were no good match from the very beginning.)

“We have seen each other through everything”.
(We have been through many things together.)



«Freaky Friday»:

He is a very-together guy.
He is a very nice guy.


Stay out of it!
It`s not your business!


I don`t care.


Oh, Boy!
Оh, God!


Could you chill for one sec?
Wait a bit, ok?


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