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Christmas holidays have passed, but sometimes you feel like turning back time!

In order to feel this festive atmosphere again, you had better rewatch a typical American film "Home Alone 2". You must have seen it in Russian, but if you watch it in the original, you may not only enjoy the story about a boy, who has an extraordinary talent for getting lost, but also expand yourvocabulary. It is essential that you write down useful words and phrases. Besides, you could use some American conversational language in your Russian speech (just for fun), as it is quite trendy now.


So if you would like to impress your friends with your fluent English, you can tell them about "Home Alone. Lost in New York" in the following manner: before Christmas Kevin McCallister is not "home alone", but in New York. He screws up his family's holiday again, as he takes a nonstop flight to New York instead of going to Florida along with his crazy family. This troublemaker feels quite comfortable in this situation: he commits a credit card fraud and stays in a suite of the best hotel of New York. As soon as the little mischief-maker goes outside, he messes with thieves who are going to knock off a toy shop. Brave Kevin decides to wreck their plans and takes everything in hand. Of course, there is a sentimental theme that is typical of Christmas: in New York Kevin finds a friend who he gives one of two turtledoves as a symbol of eternal friendship. As usual, the film has a happy end: naughty Kevin erases a bad deed with a good deed and reunites with his family.


Do you see how many useful words you can find in a film that does not seem serious and has more actions than words. So watch American films in the original, which is a great help in learning contemporary English!



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