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Vocabulary enrichment by watching movies

Vocabulary enrichment by watching movies
  1. Use subtitles at first, pausing every time you see unknown words, try to translate them using the dictionary
  1. You can download a movie script and useful exercises on vocabulary right here or here
  2. Do not be afraid you may not understand everything for the first time. You should watch the film at least 3 more times, working on the script and looking up new words and phrases in the dictionary
  3. To memorize new words from the film try to use them regularly in your everyday speech at any suitable moment
  4. The most effective way of memorizing is the usage. Here are some advise:
    • Press mute and try to reproduce the film extract, using the words and word expressions which you wrote down
    • Write, write, write… a summary of the film using new vocabulary, your own story, an essay, speculating (pondering over) the main idea of the film or simply separate sentences with new words
    • Retell your friends the content of the film or at least retell it to yourself using the video record
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