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Vocabulary Enrichment

Vocabulary Enrichment

Method 1: Making a word list

You can make your own mini dictionary, where you can find words and expressions on different topics. Electronic dictionaries like Lingvo and Multitran will be useful. Or you can find ready made word lists for example on BBC

Do not forget to repeat the words regularly. You can set the number of words you need to learn a day.

To repeat the words you may use the same dictionary, covering words in English and leaving Russian words uncovered.

You may use the cards as well. On the one side of the card you write a word in your language and you write the English translation of this word on the other side. You can shuffle the cards before going to bed or while you are travelling, you will spend your time quite informatively.

Method 2: Reading at large

Reading is the most effective and quick way to enrich your vocabulary.
All you need is:

  • to buy a book in any bookstore, taking into account your language level
  • buy books in online bookstore
  • read news on international or foreign web pages

Method 3: Watching movies

You can:

  • buy DVD movies
  • download films from file share networks
  • or using these links:

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