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English Speaking Club "Speak Fluent" от Skype-Language

English Speaking Club

Do you want to practise your speaking, overcome a language barrier, have free group classes with a native speaker, discuss current news stories, interesting topics  and meet new people?

Then sign up now for our discussion English clubs at! 

Schedule of our club:

Every Thursday at 9 PM Moscow time and every Sunday at 12 PM Moscow time. 


Native speakers Lorraine и Aiden (British English).

Duration: 90 minutes.

Agenda: discussion of topics related to modern life and current affairs

Number of participants : a group of up to 8 people.

Minimum required level: Pre-Intermediate.

A little bit about the club. How does it work? 

- You apply for participation in the club.  For example, you can just follow the link in this letter. 

- Every week you receive an invitation from our manager to a scheduled club meeting where you have to confirm your attendance.

- The topic of the meeting will be announced in a lesson. This was you can practise unprepared speaking.

- On a club meeting day you will receive an invitation from the host to the Skype group.

- At a scheduled time the host will call the Skype group and the class will start.



What happens during the lesson?

- brief introduction of the host and participants;

- a warm-up where you answer host’s questions;

- lesson topic announcement, a short video clip to watch together;

- opinion exchange between participants, you can share your thoughts and listen to other participants’ opinions;

- work on vocabulary, a final game. 

Why it is a good idea to participate in the club: 

- it’s a great addition to your individual course;

- classes are hosted by native speakers and held in a small group; 

- you talk to interesting people; 

- you have a regular speaking practice; 

- discuss topics related to modern life;

- you expand your vocabulary;

- it’s a great way to overcome a language barrier.  

The cost:

For clients, who are already studying at our school, participation in the club is free! Currently number of classes you can attend in the speaking club is limited to one lesson a week.  

For those who only want to attend the speaking club one lesson (90 minutes) costs 660 rubles.
When you pay for one month, you get a 10% discount. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1. If the language I study at your school is not English, can I still attend the speaking club? 

– Of course, you can participate in the speaking club for free. 

2. I am not really interested in English but I need a speaking practice in a different language, do you happen to have other clubs? 

– Unfortunately, currently we only have the English club. But if you are interested in other languages, you should drop us a line and let us now. We would be happy to discuss new projects! 

3. What if I paid for the club, but didn’t warn in advance that I wouldn't be able to participate this week, would I lose the money? 

– If you don't confirm your participation in the invitation, you payment is  secured for the next time. 

4. Is it possible to learn English by participating only in the club? 

– In the club classes you practise your speaking and listening skills. but to work on other language aspects you do have to study yourself or with a teacher. 

Join the speaking club and start speaking English fluently without barriers! 

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