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English Speaking Club "Speak Fluent" от Skype-Language

English Speaking Club

Dear users and guests of our site!

We are very glad to present you our new language study option. Having been created by school, this offer will be highly suitable for those willing to master their conversational English skills with a moderate price

For the lessons with native teachers people usually pay an outrageous cost. It`s quite obvious that not everybody can afford to have such lessons especially if we are talking about a qualified native English speaking tutor

For this reason, now you have this marvelous opportunity to join our English Speaking Club “Speak Fluent” by 

What is it about? 

The main AIM of discussion clubs is to help students speak up and develop listening skills.

The English speaking club works in regime of Skype voice conference! Our native teacher Aiden adds all the participants in one group and makes an online call at the agreed time. Everybody can hear the teacher and each other. 

Every meeting has a particular topic to discuss and at the beginning of a lesson this theme is usually talked over. As a warm-up you are offered some games based on the communicative approach and some other exercises taken from Online Conversational English

While practising speaking skills, the teacher corrects common mistakes made in the speech and provides you with all necessary vocabulary. 

How many lessons a week- 1

The duration of a lesson- 2 academic hours 

Lesson Timetable: every Sunday (from 12:00 till 13:30 by Moscow time)


Price (8 academic hours=1 MONTH) = 2376 rubles!  

What is included in the program of the English Club? 

Approximate program of English Speaking Club “Speak Fluent”: 

1. ICE BREAKER – Introduction, weather talk, greeting each other, etc. (6 minutes) or a game (e.g. “Last word Game” 5-7 minutes). The rules of the game are explained by the teacher, The goal of such a warm-up is to break the communication barrier before more serious topics.  

2. DISCUSS MAIN TOPIC OF THE CLASS. This part lasts 45 minutes or 1 academic hour and is built as the dicussion of the main topics of the Discussion club during which the teacher asks the questions.  

The examples of topics for discussion: 

Western and Eastern Culture
Rude People
AND SO ON......


3. DESCRIBE A PRODUCT OR TALK ABOUT PRODUCTS . The teacher offers you to describe one of the brands: SONY, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, ETC. The group disuccess the preferences, products of this brand and so on.  

4. ROLEPLAYS.  Choise of Role Plays depends on the topic discussed. 

How to join us?

1. Write and send your letter to our managing director Elena using this email address or through our website. The message theme is “English Speaking Club”. 

2. After your request is made, you will get further information about the group. 


Free participation -  our current and former students.

Paid participation  - new participants (who are not taking indivudual classes at Skype-Language). 

Don’t miss out! 

Efficiency of the lessons and a pleasant learning atmosphere are guaranteed! 

You are welcome to join “Speak Fluent”!

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