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Reading in English for children

  • Form of study: in groups
  • Level: primary school
  • Methodology: interactive classes ?
  • Intensity: 2-3 times a week
  • Price: from 500 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: fixed schedule

This course is for those who

Хочет читать увлекательные истории на английском
Желает научиться понимать прочитанное
Планирует повысить успеваемость в школе

What you'll learn

Проработаете сложные буквенные сочетания
Значительно увеличите словарный запас
Улучшите свои школьные результаты

A few words about the course

The "Phonics Readers" course for practising reading skills is designed for 6 - 12 lessons and is intended for children aged 6-10. It is perfect for the children  who want to read and understand engaging  stories in English.

Why do we need reading skills? Books help us to learn about the world, broaden our vocabulary, develop our thinking and get more interested in studying. And it all happens in English. It is hard to argue with the fact that studying at school is impossible without being able to read and understand the sense of what has been read. This is the exact reason why reading books will not only improve English skills, but will also improve overall performance at school. 

The absolute advantage of the course is that it is based on stories written in contemporary English. Each lesson is a new story but with familiar characters. Children not only revise letters, but also sounds and they immediately put everything into practice. 

All lessons take place on an engaging interactive platform.

Lessons start with a warm-up and general question. Next step is introducing new sounds through a video with further repetition. Then goes practice which includes reading a story, discussing bright illustrations and simultaneous development of reading and speaking skills. And the final step is to check how well children have understood what has been read. As a home task we can give a video story narrated by native speakers. 

You are not going to have to buy any books or print anything out, all the materials are on the platform. Students can revise everything and do their home tasks in the personal account. Furthermore, the platform has a built-in voiced dictionary which allows to easliy translate difficult words and hear the correct pronunciation. 

Reading in English is challenging for children as there is no universal rule which can be applied in all occasions. There are diphthongs and letter combinations which act differently in different words. 

This course allows to reduce anxiety while learning to read with the help of different characters that will be found in different stories, and with the help of training videos that will rhythmically reproduce the necessary sounds with examples. The child will only need to consolidate and practice reading skills in a group of their peers.


After completing the course your child will

- grow fond of reading in contemporary English  

- learn and revise reading rules

- learnt to understand nd analyse what has been read

- broaden their vocabulary

- improve their performance at shool 


A few words about the teacher, the host of course, Εlena Petrova


Elena has enough teaching experience: she has been working with children aged 3 and older  since 2015. She also has a second degree in psychology, so in her work she successfully combines teaching skills and psychological ones. Elena can skilfully keep  attention and interest of the child by altering various activities during the lesson. 

It's easy to start practicing!

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What you'll get for free

All training materials
English Colloquial Club
A comfortable personal office
Manager support

Details of the course

The course includes following stories and topics:

1. Mouse moves the house 
In the first lesson we will get to know each other, create a friendly atmosphere, remember the alphabet and try to read a story about a mouse. The sounds to practise in reading are "a", "ou", "oo".

2. Sam sheep can't sleep 
In this lesson we will not only learn how to help Sam fall asleep, but also talk about our abilities. The sounds to practise in reading are  "sh", "ar", "ee".


3. Fox on a box 
In this lesson, we will take a closer look at the inventive little fox. And what he is ready to do in order to get food! The sounds to practise in reading are "x", "al".


4. Fat cat on a mat 
Is a fat cat really so lazy that it lies on the mat all day long? We will check this in class, and also talk about good deeds. The sounds to practise in reading are  "ee", "e-a", "u".

5. Big pig on a dig 
What kind of interesting stuff can one find on a dig? The main character of the story is quite-hardworking and it will definitely find something. The sounds to practise in reading are "l", "p".

6. Goose on the loose 
It is not just a simple goose, it’s a goose who loves speed! And we are about to find out who he will meet on his way. The sounds to practise in reading are "oo", "ay".


7. Toad makes the road
Toad is a cheerful and very hardworking baby frog. Why does he need a new road? How quickly can he build it? The sound to practise in reading is "oa".

8. Frog on a log
This frog is optimistic and loves its environment. But what can it think of to always stay on its log? The sounds to practise in reading are "g", "l".

9. Shark in the park
In this story, we will find out how dangerous the shark is and what you can do in the park when it is warm and there are many friends around. The sounds to practise in reading are  "sh", "ar".


10. Ted's shed
Ted's shed is not just a dwelling, but also an unusual vehicle. Do you want to know more about this? Then hurry up to the lesson! The sounds to practise in reading are  "d", "i-e".


11. Ted in a red bed
In this lesson we will talk about rest, dreams and places. Also, we will read the story of a bear and it is going to surprise us again. The sounds to practise in reading are  "e", "ow", "ea".


12. Hen's pens 
Do you like to draw? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely like this story! In the lesson we will be able to draw what we are reading about. Do not forget to prepare pencils and a piece of paper. The sounds to practise in reading are"ue", "y", "z".

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