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Lessons based on films or series

Lessons based on films or series

This is a collection of  lessons based on English films and series, which can help you to study the unbookish and natural language.

It can be used for adult learners (pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate). The collection contains short episods from the films, vocabulary, grammar and speaking practice. All the exercises are interactive and most of them have the auto-check function.

It mostly allows to improve listening and speaking skills, expand the student's vocabulary and pay attention on grammar or pronunciation (you can repeat the actor's speech, when you do the exercises with the videos).

The list of film-based lessons:

1. Maleficent 
2. Harry Potter 
3. Aladdin 
4. Home Alone 
5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
6. Alice in Wonderland 
7. Bridget Jone's Dairy 
8. The Hunger Games 
9. Passengers 
10. Green Book 
11. Avatar 
12. Joker 
13. The Great Gatsby 
14. Jane Eyre 
15. Beauty and the Beast

The list of lessons based on series:

1. Extra English (1 episod)

2. Extra English (2 episod)

3. Friends (1 season 1 episod)

4. Friends (1 season 2 episod)

5. Friends (1 season 3 episod)

6. Sherlock (1 season 1 episod)

7. Sherlock (1 season 2 episod)

8. Sherlock (1 season 3 episod)

9. The Big Bang Theory (1 season 1 episod)

10. Game of Thrones (1 season)

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