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Business Italian from Skype-Language

Business Italian from Skype-Language

The partnership between Russia and Italy is rooted in long-term history. Italy is a reliable and loyal partner of Russia. The last days business relations between these 2 countries are constantly growing. It is obviously seen by an endless number of delegations coming from Italy to Russia and from Russia to Italy. Besides, Italy sells their goods to Russia and Russia is manufacturing more goods for export to sell them to Italy. International Russian-Italian corporations are being formed as well.


To successfully negotiate with foreign partners, it is highly important to be able to prepare foreign documents in accordance with international standards, to conduct negotiations and organize a presentation.


The knowledge of Business Italian can be taken as a mark of respect by your Italian colleagues. It will definitely make your partnership stronger.


If you need the Italian language to deal with foreign partners, carry on negotiations or write formal letters, we offer you a special course of Business Italian.


This course is well-organized for people who speak Italian and for those who have never learnt it before.


The aim of the course is to provide students with the usage of Italian in business situations, to give knowledge of a basic lexis and Italian business etiquette.


The main goal of the course is to make students master business vocabulary, grammar structures, listening, reading and writing skills.


Business course includes the following topics:


  • Phrases of a daily use
  • Italian business vocabulary
  • The common topics (getting to know each other, giving a reception to business clients, culture program, travelling, etc.)
  • Execution of business documents
  • Formal writing
  • Negotiations in Italian
  • Formal telephone calls
  • Awareness of the differences between Russian business culture


The course is adapted to suit the needs of every student. It goes in accordance with students` professional sides of interest and the business sphere in which he or she is going to study or work.


At the end of the course it will be easy for you to communicate with Italian partners, draw up a deed and keep a business correspondence in Italian.


Let`s speak with Italian foreign partners in Italian!


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You can book a trial lesson on our website; fill in our online-form .

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