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Italian for Beginners from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: beginner
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min.
  • Price: from 768 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible

This course is for those who

Seeks for individual approach
Is tired of traditional books and complicated grammar
Wants to start speaking German as soon as possible

What you'll learn

Get strong knowledge basis without drill and kill
Develop your communication, reading and writing skills
Work thoroughly on basic topics and start communicating from the first lessons

A few words about the course

It`s no secret that Italian is accepted as by far the most beautiful, harmonious and melodious language all over the world. It`s the Language of Music, Opera, Art, Poetry, Architecture, Cookery, etc. It`s spoken in sunny Italy, San Marino and Vatican. The beauty and elegance of Italy are therefore endlessly talk-inspiring . Italy inherited the great Roman Empire system and the spiritual insight of that time. So up till the present moment you have a great chance to visit a huge variety of museums, to enjoy the view of the Alps and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Besides, you can taste spaghetti “Al dente”, pizza and tiramisu listening to the famous singers like Adriano Celentano or Tiziano Ferro. Blossoming Florence, Exquisite Venice and Eternal Rome -all this you can find if you go to Italy.


Do you love this country and usually go there? Do you like Italian songs and you want to know their context? Do you plan to study or travel in Italy? Do you need Italian at work? Do you have a lot of Italian friends or you just like this language? That is why you are here- Skype- Language online school.

With the help of our course “Italian for beginners” you will learn how to SPEAK the language of Dante and Petrarch just for several months. You will see how beautiful, interesting and at the same time easy the Italian language is.


You will get comprehension skills, be familiar with the words of the daily use and Italian culture in general.


Our online teachers of Italian will use already proved school supplies like Marco Mezzadri "Grammaticaessenzialedella lingua italiana con gliesercizi", Bueno "Parliamoitaliano", "Grammaticaitaliana", P. Frattola ,”Italian for 30 days” and different audio files. During the lessons you will read books, listen to Italian songs and at the advanced level you will be even watching Italian movies! Due such lessons provided with a deep dive on its latest language learning solution, you will feel yourself as if you are in Italy.


This course presents as an effective way of learning Italian with the help of various methods to study different aspects. These aspects include: conversational practice, vocabulary and grammar of the Italian language, listening and pronunciation skills. All this will lead you to successful acquisition of Italian for a short period of time.


Learning of Italian is really interesting! You will get a lot of enjoyment from the whole process and it will help you achieve high results.


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