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Portuguese for tourists from Skype-Language

Portuguese for tourists from Skype-Language





Portuguese is the language of two wonderful countries which kindle the interest of many tourists more and more nowadays. Portugal is attracting by its history, architecture, sea food and mild climate. Brazil, in its turn, fascinates by its extravagance and brightness, sounds of samba, exotic landscapes, openness and friendliness of Brazilian people.  


Anyway, travelling around these countries can become even more memorable if you have the possibility to communicate with Portuguese and Brazilian people in their own language - Portuguese.   


Thus, saying "Bom dia" (Good morning) or "Otimo!" (Great!) at the reception you will make your day happier because you'll be able to understand what you are said in return and you will not have to smile confusingly.   




The course "Portuguese for tourists" will be good for everyone who is planning to visit Portugal or Brazil sooner or later. The course is aimed at preparing you for the situations of every day life and, consequently, at practicing the following topics: hotel, cafe, shopping, directions, sports, car reservation and so on.  




In the framework of this course you will master grammar and vocabulary necessary for travelling. You will be also offered some dialogues for listening to prepare your touristic ear for the response of the portguese speaking interlocutors. 


Depending on the time you have before your trip our online teachers of Portuguese will choose the suitable for you program, focusing on the topics you are more interested in.   


After the course of Portuguese for tourists you will be able to express your thoughts, feelings and wishes in the day-to-day situations without feeling tension. Tension is not the best companion during the holiday! 


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Ate mais! = See you soon! 

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