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English Speaking course from Skype-Language

English Speaking course from Skype-Language

This practical course in English from Skype-Language breaks apart language barriers and improves your conversational English, which is important in the complete study of any foreign language, at this time and in English. Skype-Language’s specific course – conversational English online will maximally stimulate your verbal ability on this organic path and will also give the possibility of supplementing your non-verbal English conversation, i.e. gestures.


In the program, English Speaking Course Online, there are distinctive and motivating conversation topics. For the very first level, general topics are presented: how to find one’s way in the city, how to order food at a restaurant, how to reserve a room at a hotel and many others. Advanced levels may study wider topics, for example “The 10 habits of happy people,” “How to be successful in life,” “How to determine your path in life,” and other fascinating topics for discussion. For determining your level, you may take a free online test in English and request a free lesson .


English Speaking Course Online form provides different ways and methods for learning. You will have the possibility to:


  • watch and discuss films in English, where you will hear many different kind of accents and phrases from living conversational English
  • take part in online chat with several people at one time, like at an English Club
  • participate in role-playing games
  • participate in English debates on Skype
  • read artistic literature followed by exchanges of opinions about what was read
  • and simple conversations about favorite problems and situations, and also find answers posted to the problems on conversational English



Your homework will strengthen your ability to understand the material covered in lectures, to help write essays, preparation for public speaking or presentations on topics covered in lessons.


In the company Skype-Language there are native Russian Teachers and native speakers of English. The English Speaking Course form comes to you in style, and most importantly it helps you get over language barriers so that you can freely converse in English!


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