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10 top sites to help you learn English: review from our experienced online teacher

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Have you made a decision to learn English, but you don't know where to start?

One the best ways is communication with real people. However, it's not always possible.

What can help you solve this problem? The internet!

But how to find the best sites among thousands of ones promising to help you with you learning?

Start with our list.

We gathered the most interesting, modern, communicative and up-do-date resources for you.

Here we go! 

I would like to start this list with my personal favourite:


    It’s a big multilanguage communitive which can satisfy almost each learner’s need. Here is what you can find:

    -         dictionaries

    -         wordlists (and it’s quite unique)

    -         a page where you can conjugate verbs, check all their forms in different tenses. It’s also quite useful for those learning Spanish or French. Here you can also see phrasal verbs which include the verb you are checking. It’s amazing!

    -         and the most interesting part of the site is its forum. There you can ask and find answers to any questions regarding languages, word use, sentence construction.

    For example, what’s the difference between to offer and to suggest?

    What greeting is better in a formal letter?

    Why don’t we put an article somewhere where we think it should be?

    Look for answers and ask your own questions!

  2. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

    This site is good for working on your listening skills. It contains plenty of audio lessons with transcriptions, wordlists and exercises.

    All the lessons are divided into the levels: easy, medium and difficult, which makes it easy to navigate. Lessons cover different topics, from a phone call to a doctor’s appointment.

    This site will help you to develop listening skills, learn new words and phrases, and as a bonus you get to know interesting facts about living in the US as it’s an American site.

  3. Speaky 

    Speaky is great if you are looking for pen pals and people to talk to. This community units people learning different languages, so they can communicate, practise and study together.

    But be careful when you talk to non-native speakers since they may make mistakes. As a bonus, Speaky gives us a great opportunity to meet people all over the world.

  4. Learning English - BBC 

    You must know about BBC. This company is well known for its high-quality products. Various TV channels, radio stations, a lot of web-sites and magazines belong to BBC. There is no surprise that “BBC Learning English” turned out to be great.

    There you study by learning BBC style video and radio broadcasts. They cover different topics, such as news stories, English words and phrases, and there is even a series of videos which focus on pronunciation!

    All podcasts and videos come with tasks and exercises aimed to help you check your understanding.

    There is only one BUT: given the level of materials on the site, it’s going to be great for Intermediate or Advanced learners.

  5. British Council

    British Council has three separate sections on the site for different ages: kids, teenagers and adults. Each section contains a variety of activities, interactive lessons, videos, games and podcasts to learn every skill (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

    Just like the previous site British Council has a task to complete after each activity which will help you understand everything better!

  6. English Grammar

    The name of the website speaks for itself. Here you will find just about everything regarding English grammar. Just pick a topic you are interested in and find very clear and simple rules.

    As for exercises, you can download and print them, do online and watch online lessons. I hope here you can find answers to all your questions about tricky English grammar.

  7. YouGlish 

    Do you ever have a need to check how some words are pronounced? This site gives you an opportunity to hear words with British, American or Australian accent.

    YouGlish gives you access to a huge number of videos with subtitles. All you have to do is to search for a required word or phrase and as a result you get a video with subs. You can pick an accent or just listen to all of them.

    A good thing is that you hear the way this word sounds in a speech Subs can be found under each video. You can easily switch between videos.

    I do like the fact that you can check the definition of any word in subtitles just by clicking on it, so you broaden your vocabulary as well1 Moreover, you can find transcriptions and words which sound similar.

  8. English Exercises: idioms

    There is not such a thing for English learners as too many idioms. What if I tell you that you can practise and learn them simultaneously? This site is a way to go.

    This site will help you learn and practice idioms choosing different worksheets for practicing online. The theme and level are given in each exercise which makes learners choice a lot easier.

  9. News in Levels

    Its an incredibly useful site for English learners. Here you can read, watch videos and listen to podcasts. And while working on your language skills you get to know the latest world’s news. The site contains materials for learners of different levels to meet everyone’s needs.

  10. Elllo (English Listening Lesson Library Online)

    Elllo is a great site with more than 2000 lessons aimed at developing listening skills, which is one of the biggest needs for English learners. Each lesson contains a transcription, wordlist and different activities.

    All the materials are divided into 7 levels to suit all kinds of learners, from beginners to advanced.


And here comes the most important site -  

What do you need to make your language learning process more interesting, productive and effective? A professional teacher! Our teachers will create your individual study plan. Follow your progress, provide you with all materials and much more!

And of course, your teacher will talk to you, listen to you, and current your mistakes while explaining how to avoid them. No languages barriers for our students! We are also happy to help you prepare for job interviews and exams.

Welcome to our site. Contact our managers  for more details.

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