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French for beginners from Skype-Language

French for beginners from Skype-Language

The course “French for beginners from Skype-Language” is especially designed for those who have recently taken a great interest in this romantic language. This program is highly-suitable as well for people who want to pick it up again after a long absence. We are here to help you raise your French language level, from the level “Starters” up to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you have never learnt French with the help of foreign training materials and you don`t know your language level, we can define it with the proficiency test that corresponds to the standards of international exams.


While teaching French online, we use only foreign educational materials (mainly for adults, TAXI); reference manuals vocabulaireprogressif, grammaireprogressif; books aimed at preparation for international examsand French mass media materials. If you have concrete wishes about some books, we will use it during your study with no problem.


Having this marvelous opportunity to learn French over Skype is like always having a door to the world of the Internet where you can find all the materials needed for studying. The wide usage of audio, video materials and authentic texts will help you completely immerse into the world of francophonie.


The major part of the books of “classical” French for starters is considered for one academic year usage (about 100 hours). It will function only in case of two lessons a week. If your lessons go in an intensive way and you study hard at home, this target date can be even reduced.


Having defined your French language level and your weak points at the trial lesson (if you are not just the starter), the French tutor from Skype-Language will follow the program that highly suits only you. Individual approach, they are not just the beautiful words here…This is a work specially tailored to empower you to acquire language skills with the help of communicative method.


Whether you just start learning French, you will be able to begin to speak even at your first lesson. In some French online lessons, you will be surprised by the fact that not everything is so difficult. Besides the beauty of French you will also see how interesting and engaging this language is.



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