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Preparation for EGE and internation exams DELF and DALF in French from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: for all levels
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min
  • Price: from 1080 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible
This course is for those who
Strives to get the highest score and prepare within a short time
Needs and individual approach
Ready to follow recommendations of an experienced teacher
What you'll learn
Get to know the examination format and work though all types of examination tasks
Improve your listening and writing skills, learn to write essays
Rehearse the exam with the teacher and test yourself

Подготовка к экзаменам по французскому

Here are the aspects on which we put great emphasis while preparing you for French EGE online:


  • mastering listening skills, listening to a great number of various audio notes, preparation for part A
  • grammar, grammatical formation, the usage of forms, grammatical language system and its construction -for the exercises from part B.
  • vocabulary, text reading, the development of feeling for language and logical thinking, communication skills, vocabulary enrichment-for the exercises from part B.
  • the development of writing skills-for the exercises from part C, the usage of speech cliché, some phrases to express your thoughts and feelings, letter samples for any situation.


All the materials and elaborated methodical books are already included into the course price. Besides, we offer you to have a trial lesson before to start the preparation course for French EGE.


1. Preparation for international exams DELF and DALF.


In international standard grading system there are 6 language levels of French language acquisition: А1, А2 /В1, В2/ С1, С2. In order to prove the language level you have, it’s necessary to have the certificate that corresponds to your level. Having passed international exams DELF and DALF (C1, C2) you can get this official document.


These unique and globally recognized certificates state language competency levels.


Exam preparation includes 4 competences: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Every aspect is evaluated in a strict way. Besides, they have its specificity and requirements. The knowledge of these 4 aspects is usually a necessary condition for passing these exams. Unfortunately it does not follow that it is a sufficient condition! To successfully pass DELF and DALF you also need to understand the mechanics of exam structure and the types of tasks.


While preparing you for DELF and DALF, our online French tutor will pay close attention to:


  • the development of communication skills, the ability to ask and answer the questions, monologue creation on different topics (on the basis of the text and without), to conduct a lesson in French language
  • the development of feeling for language, the comprehension of the text structure, the vocabulary enrichment on different topics for successful completion of the part Compréhension des écrits
  • listening to different audios and mastering listening skills to successfully complete the first task of the exercise Compréhension de l'oral
  • the development of writing skills to accomplish the tasks in the section Production écrite, the usage of speech cliché, some phrases to express your thoughts and feelings, letter samples for any situation.


The lessons of this online French course are based on the materials of special editions (made in France) for international exam preparation. Besides, you will be also taught with the help of teacher’s resource pack, authentic texts and audios adapted for a class.


These courses are especially organized for students who want to prepare for DELF А1,А2 /В1,В2, and also exam DELF А1,А2 /В1,В2 JUNIOR for children.


In addition, we can also prepare you for TCF exam (Test de connaissance du français), all levels.


To start preparation for international exam, book a trial lesson right now!

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