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Preparation for international exam in Greek

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: for all levels
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min
  • Price: from 1104 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible

This course is for those who

Strives to get the highest score and prepare within a short time
Wants an individual study program
Ready to follow recommendations of an experienced teacher

What you'll learn

Get to know the examination format and work though all types of examination tasks
Improve your listening and writing skills, learn to write essays
Rehearse the exam with the teacher and test yourself

A few words about the course

Whether you are planning to move to Greece and get a job there, enter the university or you just want to have a certificate confirming your level - our teachers are here to help you prepare for international tests of attainment in Greek.

Advantages of our course over classes in other schools:

-in a trial lesson a teacher will determine your level and estimate the longevity of your exam preparation, considering how often you are going to have classes and how willing you are to do home tasks;

- a teacher will identify your weaknesses  and build a personalised course targeted at working on them;

- a teacher will get you acquainted with the test  structure using previous years exam papers;

- a teacher will explain the marking criteria; 

- our teachers will tell you about their personal experience of taking language tests;

Together with your teacher you will go through all types of tasks the exam includes and do a mock test.

Here is what you get after you have completed the full exam preparation course and done all the tasks:

- you are familiar with all types of oral and writing tasks in the exam;

- you can estimate time you need to complete different tasks;

- you have improved your Greek grammar;

- you have enlarged your vocabulary;

- you can perform really well in a speaking part of the test;

- your listening skills are much better;

- you can write essays on different topics. 

Now let’s talk in more detail about the exam and the preparation course:

Εξέταση Ελληνομάθειας (that’s a Greek name for the Greek proficiency test, and its full name is Eξέτaση Πιστοποίησης Επάρκειας της Ελληνομάθειας - Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek) is a language test confirming level of proficiency in Greek according to the Common European Framework of Reference, from A1 up to C2.

The certificate you obtain as a result of the test is a mandatory document to apply for state universities in Greece, and quite often it is also required when starting a job there.

The exam consists of two parts, the oral and writing ones. The oral part includes a story about yourself, answering  examiner ’s questions and a monologue, which can be a picture description or a dialogue with a partner. In the writing part there is listening, various grammar tasks, reading and writing, which can be a letter or an essay.

The preparation course can be full, covering all types of tasks, or it can address a particular part of the exam (listening, writing, reading or speaking).

Within the course teachers will familiarize you with tasks' patterns, shape qualities needed to pass the test, address the details which will help you be more relaxed and confident during the exam. With your teacher’s guidance you will be understand what language level you might be aiming at, work on different topics and expand your vocabulary to an appropriate level.

The course is based on the newest educational materials, past test papers and our teachers own methods.

The teachers themselves have successfully passed this exam, which means they can share their experience with students and give a lot of good advice!

On average such course takes from six to twelve month with two or three classes a week. Is it possible to make it shorter? - Yes, if lessons get more intensive and a student is willing to do a lot of tasks on their own.


We recommend this course even if there is just one month left before the exam. You should know that there is always an opportunity to increase your chances of success and gain more competence!

At the very least, you will become familiar with the exam structure so its tasks are not going to be a surprise for you!

It's easy to start practicing!

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