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The language of church- Greek” from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: for all levels
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min
  • Price: from 1104 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible

This course is for those who

Is interested in Orthodoxy and wants to study religious texts
Is planning pilgrimage trips to Greece
Wants to strengthen his general knowledge of the Greek language

What you'll learn

Improve your reading and writing skills, uplevel your Greek
Study church vocabulary and some religious texts
Get acquainted with the Greek church etiquette of communication, be able to communicate in the church environment

A few words about the course

The special course “The language of church - the Greek language” includes 60 and more study hours. This course is designed for students with any Greek language level (Greek level test).The main characteristic feature of the course is that Greek is taught on the basis of liturgical texts (Holy Writ, Greek Orthodox Christian books, Christian magazines and so on), audio and video materials on many Christian topics (movies, songs, sermons).


The aims of the course: teaching to read and to write, Greek grammar learning, the work on common and church vocabulary and the development of comprehension and communication skills in Greek language. The special course” The language of church- the Greek language” offers a detailed look at some of the peculiarities of Katharevousa (lit. “puristic language” which is considered to be the conservative form of the modern Greek language which was quickly spread in the 19th and 20thcentury. Then Katharevousa was eventually replaced by the New Greek Language. The particular attention is paid to the way how to communicate proper church etiquette.


The achieved skills at the end of the course: reading and writing skills in Greek language, reading skills (texts with common and Christian contents), comprehension skills in Greek, the ability to hold a conversation on daily and church topics as well.


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