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Conversational Spanish from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: A2 and higher
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min.
  • Price: from 928 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible
This course is for those who
Wants to improve pronunciation and listening comprehension
Dreams to start talking and communicating in Spanish with no stress
Strives to expand active vocabulary
What you'll learn
Get able to communicate on everyday topics
Enrich your speech with new words and start understanding Spanish speech
Overcome language barrier and embarrassment

Разговорный курс испанского

The course “Conversational Spanish” is designed for those who have already passed the course for beginners and want to master his/her communication skills. This course will also ideally suit people who strongly believe they are fluent in written Spanish but they still need work on the communication skills development (in this case the language levels can be various- from basic (A2) to advanced (B2 and C1)). Besides, people who feel the absolute necessity in DELE Spanish preparation can also make the most of this course. After passing some language lessons with us you will not have weak points in such exam sections like “Expresión oral” and “Comprensión auditiva”.


One of the main aims of the “Conversational Spanish” course is to provide you with more practice on listening comprehension to make you easily recognize the words in Spanish speech no matter its complexity and rate. For this reason, our tutors use audio methods and audio texts with the help of which, every time while working, you will have a unique opportunity to hear native speakers who represent their countries. You will find these comprehension exercises useful as each native speaker has his/her accent and vocabulary.

Apart from that, our course is especially tailored to empower you to communicate freely on the topic of any difficulty level (surely, the topic difficulty will depend on the language level of each student). In order to fulfil this aim, we use the following methods: monologue, interview, dialogue, discussion, role play games, singing, learning poems by heart and additional practice in consecutive translation. Advanced learners will be offered to practise speech on difficult topics (environmental pollution, educational problems, emigrations, politicians, the world economy and so on). Besides, there will also be work with pictures (sometimes, comics). With these images you will be learning to tell stories simultaneously.


The next objective of the “Conversational Spanish” course over Skype is to make a student be familiar with some turns of speech, idiomatic expressions and make him/her use them correctly.That`s why in this course you will come across the exercises aiming at working on “idioms”, different talk phrases, words and specific “declamatory“turns.

Finally, the most important task of the “Conversational Spanish” online course is to work out the correct pronunciation and intonation of the student. This task is considered to be the most difficult one (as the majority of Russian students are totally sure about the correctness of their pronunciation and at times it pays a lot to correct the pronunciation mistakes which sometimes come as a result of the previous lessons.) The analysis of audios will be of great help to students to make them realize the peculiarities of Spanish intonation. Apart from that, our best lecturer team will help students to build intonation schemes to provide the clearest view of Spanish pronunciation. With these graphics learners will better remember the principles of pronunciation of any phrase. In this sphere a Spanish tutor finds it optional to correct a student’s pronunciation in accordance with Spanish standard pronunciation (if a student is going to use his/her language skills in Latin America, he/she must warn the teacher about this).

The “Conversational Spanish” course offers absolutely different topics to discuss. There are obligatory topics for definite levels (for example, “The daily routine” for beginners, “Food” and “Travelling” for intermediate level and ”Work” and “Ecology” for advanced level. Besides, there are other topics from “real” life of Hispanics as well. They talk about the latest news, newspapers titles, interesting books and events, watched films and famous artists and singers. Moreover, you can talk to your teacher about your personal experience like having discussion about your recent dreams or your future plans.


Don’t hesitate to order a trial lesson with any Spanish tutor from and be absolutely sure of making a huge success of learning Spanish with us!


Ven y aprenderás a hablár, y hablarás por los codos y sin pelos en la lengua pero sin tener un pelo de tonto

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