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Conversational Italian online from Skype-Language

Conversational Italian online from Skype-Language

Do you want to get a full language acquisition in the shortest possible time; acquire, refresh your conversational skills or just expand your knowledge of Italian vocabulary? So, if –yes, this “Conversational Italian course” is for you!


The Conversational Italian Online Course is specially organized for people of different language levels- for those who have never studied Italian before and for those who speak pretty well.


This course opens to you interesting topics, creative tasks, dialogues, songs, movie watching and their further discussion and playing of various life-like situations you possibly can come across in Italy. And all of this is going to be in a live Italian language!

The main stress is supposed to be on building of conversational skills, but at the same time we will be learning the main grammar base and cover other language skills like reading, writing and listening. Apart from that, we will focus on studying Italian culture as well.


Taking classes with the Skype teachers of Italian language, you will learn how to communicate without experiencing any difficulties in our day-to-day life. You will be able to talk about common daily situations, understand the speech of native speakers orally, read fiction books and periodic issues, watch movies in Italian language and moreover, write the letters, postcards and chat on the Internet!


Speak live Italian language!


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