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Conversational Portuguese from Skype-Language

Conversational Portuguese from Skype-Language





Portuguese is the seventh most popular language in the world and attracts more language lovers with its melody and sonority.


There is no doubt that Portugal is becoming more popular with Russian businessmen, tourists, nature lovers and gourmands.


Recently Brazil has also become popular: Brazilian music is used by cinematography, Brazilian events and festivals are held every year, Russian cities arrange classes of Brazilian samba, foro and capueira. Tourists try to visit this exotic country with its marvelous atmosphere and versatile culture.


Russia and Brazil also have common interests in politics and economy as they form  the economic group called BRICS along with the other developing countries - India, China and Africa.


For whom?


"Conversational Portuguese" from Skype-Language can interest those who love Portugal and Brazil, plan to regularly visit theses countries or simply love Portuguese and want to speak it fluently and beautifully. 


The course requires the basic knowledge of Portuguese. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to do "Portuguese for beginners from Skype-Language" and then move on to the conversational course.




Our online teachers of Portuguese will help understand the language structure and cultural traditions of Portuguese-speaking countries. At the lessons the teachers of use the communicative approach: different discussions, debates, watching and discussing films, giving your opinion, retelling articles and favourite  Portuguese books.


The focus of the course is on speaking skills and exposure to the characteristics of everyday speech in Portugal and Brazil. 

The course is taught either by a Russian-speaking teacher who lives in a country of the language or by a native speaker who knows all the subtleties of Portuguese.


After completing the course you will be able to freely express your ideas, emotions, wishes in everyday situations. You will be able to tell the difference between conversational and classical Portuguese, to appropriately use idioms and slang while speaking to a native speaker.


To start "Conversational Portuguese from Skype-Language", complete the application form on the website! 


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