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Portuguese for beginners from Skype-Language

Portuguese for beginners from Skype-Language

Bom dia!  




Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages that is spoken by over 190 million people in the world. It is a mother tongue not only for the Portuguese and Brazilians but also for people from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Makau, Equatorial Gunea, etc.


Melodious Portuguese is the language of many musical compositions in the world from freyo in Portugal to Brazilian samba.


Brazilian serials in Portuguese, football and the carnival in Brazil make a big impression!


Portuguese has the right to be called a sweet language, which you can feel when you start speaking it!


For whom?


Portuguese can be interesting to those who love the history and unique architecture of Portugal, gourmands and admires of high-quality wine. It can also be useful for those who dream of visiting Rio de Janeiro with its wonderful atmosphere, passionate music and picturesque views. And, of course, those who simply enjoy melodious Portuguese can start learning it.



Our Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese online teachers of Portuguese can help understand the structure of the language, language and cultural traditions of Portuguese-speaking countries. At the lessons the teachers of use the communicative approach: discussions, slide shows, listening to audio files, using the best books published in Portugal and Brazil - all this encourages a student to actively interact in Portuguese.


The course "Portuguese for beginners" develops all the language aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is tailored to suit each student's interests, needs and objectives. Depending on your objectives the course can focus on business or travel vocabulary or developing speaking skills on curtains topics.


The successful completion of "Portuguese for beginners" implies using the main grammatical structures and vocabulary, which allows a student to express his or her ideas, understand Portuguese speech in the present, past and future.


The course is based on real everyday situations of language use and helps to develop listening skills and respond appropriately to a language situation: you will be able to ask for and give personal, business and general information, ask questions, request and order or book (a hotel, a restaurant, a theatre, etc), give advice/ instructions, describe objects, talk about everyday events in the present and past, make holiday plans, etc., give your opinion, agree or disagree, say what you want or prefer.


“Bem vindo!”, or welcome to the world of the Portuguese language and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries!


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