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English by Phone from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: for all levels
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min.
  • Price: from 880 ₽ ?
  • Work hours: flexible

This course is for those who

Wants to work on his pronunciation and listening comprehension
Often communicates with friends or colleagues by phone, Skype or messengers
Wishes to overcome language barrier in speaking

What you'll learn

Enrich your vocabulary, learn phone vocabulary and etiquette
Improve your listening comprehension
Start talking and overcome language barrier

A few words about the course

English by phone is a course specially invented by for people who need the skills of communication over the phone or Skype. We equal Skype to telephone because it is becoming more and more the part of our private and business life. It’s not a secret that we use a lot of verbal symbols such as gestures and mimicry in real life communication because this helps us to explain ourselves.


When we feel lack of words we tend to draw pictures or schemes to reach the interlocutor. You can’t apply the same methods in Skype or telephone and such sounds as “eh” and ”aaa” appear in your speech or you just stay silent. Our program English by Phone or English by Skype won’t let you keep silence.


Who is interested in studying English via Skype or phone?

  • Business people who often negotiate something with foreign partners;
  • Tourists who enjoy travelling and prefer to book the hotel rooms and tickets themselves;
  • Just communicative people who like to have a lot of friends in different countries.


The course English by Phone is focused on:

  • Speaking English by Phone that is telephone vocabulary – frequently used phrases and expressions;
  • Don’t keep silence! – fill pauses with words, phrases of effective communication in case you need to think your answer over. The course "English by Skype from" will help you get rid of such sounds as “eh” and “aaa”.
  • Telephone etiquette which you will actively practice in Role-Plays with professional Russian-speaking teachers or native speakers.


To be able to communicate in English by phone means to get rid of the language barrier completely.

It's easy to start practicing!

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What you'll get for free

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English Colloquial Club
A comfortable personal office
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