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Conversational French from Skype-Language

Conversational French from Skype-Language

While learning the language people usually face a huge problem. You can read and write but you are struggling to make a question to ask something a foreigner or just to find out the price of the thing that caught your attention at the shop. With our course “Conversational French from Skype-Language” you will instantly forget about this inconvenient feeling. At the lessons our French tutors pay particular attention to thedevelopment of conversation skills, your ability to react to non-standard situations and orient to a new language environment.


As our tutors are interested in providing you with the real life situation, all the lessons are being conducted by them in French. While teaching, they use authentic texts and audios.


We also want you to know that the language conversation practice can be done at different levels. For this reason, we identify your language level and after, on the basis of this, we create the lessons for you.


The Conversational French course has 2 directions:


  • the development of communication skills before going abroad
  • the development of common communication skills ( for work, talks, etc.)

In the first case, the French tutor chooses common topics related to tourism and all necessary vocabulary that will be of a great help while travelling. You will also listen to the audios in order to master the listening skills.


The second variant stresses the need to teach French communicative competence online on the basis of some articles, texts, audios and videos. You will also be given a great opportunity to participate in discussions, learn how to exchange your opinions, reflect on some ideas and argue in French language.


The learning of Conversational French online is done entirely in the target language. While teaching a foreign language, our tutors use the Direct Method. Why? The method itself allows students to perceive meaning directly through the language because no translation is allowed. This approach begins by placing primary importance on the development of conversation skills. The words and phrases will be assimilated more easily.


In your language course you will speak French and have conversations from your first lessons. In some days you will be able to make detailed responses in accordance with your language level. With each lesson you will realize that communication in French doesn’t bring only practical benefits. Besides, it gives you maximum enjoyment. Good luck in learning!


In order to try the learning method used in the Conversational French course, book a trial lesson from Skype-Language!

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