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Spanish for tourists from Skype-Language

Spanish for tourists from Skype-Language

“Spanish for tourists” is an effective language course especially created for people who are planning trips to one of the Spanish-speaking countries or for its constant visitors.

The course “Spanish for tourists” takes an individual form of learning. Going through this online course in school you have a marvelous opportunity either to learn the main phrases and expressions from a “phrase book” or get to know with the culture and the customs of the country you are going to. Our professional Spanish tutors will give you a hand with all sorts of trip planning. This includes hostel booking and filling in the form with the help of a tutor to get a Schengen visa. Besides, they will provide you with information about tourism legislation and regulation of the country you are about to visit and information about the tourist attractions. Being already at the place you will feel yourself like at home!

In case, here is presented the list of all Spanish-speaking countries:

  The Dominican Republic
   El Salvador
   Costa Rica
   Puerto Rico
  The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

In “Spanish for tourists” course you will be offered a number of listening tasks in accordance with your wishes and the country you are going to. It means that all the audios will be recorded by the local people of the country you are planning to visit. Apart from that, the grammar exercises will also contain all the necessary vocabulary for you to travel.

In other words, if you do not speak Spanish at all, you will be learning in a compressed course format, following the program “Spanish for beginners” . If you are not a beginner in Spanish, you will be given another program “Conversational Spanish” aiming at studying useful vocabulary and grammar structures for travelling. It’s important to notice that all chosen materials will exactly reflect the culture and the customs of the country you are going to.

After travelling you can always share your emotions with your Spanish teacher. Moreover, if you are burning with the desire to study the language more profoundly you can always continue this with us!

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