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Italian for Italy from Skype-Language

Italian for Italy from Skype-Language

Do you want to live in Italy? Are you already living there? Do you plan to obtain a work-study position there but you don`t know the language? Or, maybe, you would rather improve your Italian conversational skills? In this case the course “Italian for Italy” is for you!

This course is specially organized for people of different language levels- for people who have never studied the language before and for those who speak quite well.

In our lessons we will use special approved editions to study and different audio records. Besides, we will read books, listen to the songs in Italian, watch and discuss movies, TV programs (L’Eredita, Chi vuol essere milionario?) and watch the news.

Just in a few months you will start SPEAKING conversational Italian or you will noticeably improve the language level!

With the help of the course “Italian for Italy” you will be able to develop basic Italian language skills                            and later become proficient in the language.

The main focus is made on forming the conversational skills, but at the same time online Italian teachers will make you get familiar with the main grammar base and cover other language skills like reading, writing and listening. Apart from that, we will focus on studying Italian culture as well.

The knowledge acquired on the course will help you get to know with the culture, art and history of Italy.

The online Italian teachers will also help you with preparation to enter the Universities in Italy. They will do their best to make you work out all the necessary aspects to enter them and moreover, they will help you sit for tests.

At the end of the course you will be capable to communicate at ease in any situation you come across!

In order to book a trial lesson on the course “Italian for Italy”, fill in an online-form.

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