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German for profession from Skype-Language

German for profession from Skype-Language

Who can study?


This course is specifically designed for adult learners. The level of German is supposed to be from A2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).




  • You work in a foreign company where the knowledge of German is required.
  • Your profession is all about the usage of German language.
  • You want to integrate the knowledge of German into your work sphere. You want to keep up, improve and deepen your language skills.




The teachers of German from school will offer you an individual lesson plan, built up to fit your requirements, aims and specific character of your professional occupation.


Our teachers from school will choose only modern and general education materials. The lessons will be based on new methodic and didactic principles.


At your lessons, you will not only master grammar, new vocabulary and speaking skills discussing daily life, but you will also:


  • learn how to write business and e-mail letters
  • conduct telephone conversations
  • read texts which are closely related to your professional sphere
  • find out more about ethical communication in business with your German partners
  • develop the basics of the system of rhetoric, the benefits of which you will not only use at interview in a German-speaking company. It will also help you to make presentations.


The main aim of the course is to teach you how to speak grammatically correct German. You will have improved your pronunciation, grammar and listening skills. You will have your vocabulary enriched and the language barrier removed.


All of this and not only will help you feel more confident about yourself while communicating with native German speakers.


Book a trial lesson of the course “German for the Profession”. To do this, fill in this online form and get your head around the professional sphere of German!


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