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German for beginner from Skype-Language

German for beginner from Skype-Language



German is the mother tongue of approximately 100 million people and another 80 million people worldwide, who know this language as a foreign one.


German is the language of a progressive, modern and dynamic developing country.


While learning German, you will not only be connected to millions of German speakers around the globe. It will also get you to learn about an authentic and diverse culture of Germany and German-speaking countries.

When you learn German you acquire a range of skills which can improve the quality of both your work and private life.


Who can study?


Our online German course for beginners is highly appropriate for all those wishing to learn the language. You may know nothing or know just a little bit of German. It doesn’t make a great difference because our professional German teachers from Skype-Language school know no bounds in their teaching methods. We are ready to help you make the best of your progress in the German language.




Our teachers do not only teach you grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the German language. The course lays great stress on the importance of communication, making you use the language from the very first lesson.


While learning the language with enjoyment, you will be amazed by the amount of similar words that exist in the German language in relation to the Russian one. There is no translation needed for these words. Just look at them: : das Automobil, das Telefon, das Hotel, der Reporter, der Tourist, der Polizist, die Universität, etc.


While creating individual lesson plans for students, our German teachers rely too much on the communicative approach. Our main aim is to develop 4 types of students` skills- speaking, listening, reading and writing. Thus, we will help you reach the language ability levels A1 or A2 in accordance with the General European framework (GER). At the lessons we use only adequate teaching materials, manuals and information source of current importance.


While teaching, our best tutor team from Skype-Language school will also make you aware of the regional geography and history of Germany and other German-speaking countries.


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