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German tutorial for school children from Skype-Language

German tutorial  for school children  from Skype-Language

Who can study?


This online course is directed towards children who study at school and students who go to universities. The classes are offered at different language ability levels, ranging from beginners learning German to those who continue studying German. With the help of the course you will get a marvelous opportunity to deepen your knowledge and improve your speaking skills of German.




You are studying German following the program of your educational institution. You are suffering a real hardship while doing your homework. The amount of study hours is not enough to learn the German grammar well. You see the absolute necessity of help and preparation for school and university exams.




Our German teachers from school will help you accomplish the tasks you have. You will be explained how to cope with the exercises you are required to do. You will be given all the necessary information on the rules to tackle some specific problems you have. Your oral and written works will be checked and corrected. Our teachers will also provide you with full practice directed toward passing tests and exams (e.g. EGE-German language).
You will:


  • go through all types of tasks
  • master all the necessary vocabulary
  • work through grammar, reading and writing
  • polish up your comprehension skills


Our teachers of German from school will choose a teaching method that will suit you best. This choice will mainly depend on your preferences and requirements. Besides, our tutors will use only modern educational supplies and different information sources.


Lessons with tutors appear as an individual consultation. It’s a lesson organized especially for you. The program in general is not only aimed at going and working through the material you have difficulties with. Apart from that, you will get your results improved, the exams passed and the aim achieved.


We will get in use all the knowledge we have for Your Success!


In order to better formulate your aims and objectives with your tutor of German, apply for our trial lesson.


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