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Reading and watching in Russian together from Skype-Language

  • Form of study: individual
  • Level: for all levels
  • Methodology: communicative ?
  • Intensity: 2 times per week by 60 min
  • Price: from 18 usd ?
  • Work hours: flexible

This course is for those who

Wants to learn more about Russian culture
Is tired of classic textbooks and grammar tables
Wants to practice reading and listening

What you'll learn

Learn the language of everyday speech, expand your vocabulary
Improve your listening comprehension and work on reading
Enrich your vocabulary

A few words about the course

Is there a Russian book you are longing to read? Or a Russian movie you have always wanted to watch without subtitles? Here is a course that will help you do just that.


The course ‘Reading and Watching Together’ is intended to provide you with the language skills to understand what you are reading or watching . In addition, you will gain understanding of the cultural elements and historical events that form the foundation of the text or film. If possible, we will use a book and its film adaptation simultaneously. Another option will be to analyze the screenplay of a film as we watch it.


If you like, we can also work on grammar and enriching your vocabulary . You will also have the opportunity to practice both conversation skills and written skills.


Examples of literature:

- Достоевкий, Ф. Белые ночи \ White Nights (Fiction, short story).

- Чехов, А. Дама с собачкой \ The Lady with the Dog (Dramatic short story).

- Стругацкие, .Б. и А. Трудно быть богом \ Hard to Be a God. (Science fiction).

- Акунин, Б. Азазель \ Azazel (Detective story).

- Any other of your interest.



Examples of movies:

- Ballad of a Soldier \ Баллада о солдате (Чухрай, Г., 1959), Soviet World War II movie about love.

- Moscow does not believe in tears \ Москва слезам не верит (Меньшов, В., 1980), Soviet movie about three provincial girls who come to Moscow.

- Solaris \ Солярис (Тарковский, А., 1972), a meditative psychodrama.

- Piter FM \ Питер FM (Бычкова, О., 2006), Russian romantic comedy.

- Any other of your interest.



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